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Working from my small studio in Eastwood, Essex, SS9 5TP, I create each piece of jewellery by hand with love, care and attention to detail. My journey in jewellery-making began in 2012 when I purchased some costume jewellery from a charity shop and dismantled it. I also acquired my first toolkit to create matching handmade jewellery from charity shop finds.

The discovery of crystals opened up a new world of possibilities for me to create collections of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. I taught myself the necessary skills to create these pieces. What started as a part-time hobby has now become my full-time profession.

I now enjoy wearing crystal jewellery that coordinates with my outfits but previously found it challenging to find matching sets on the high street. Therefore, I created my jewellery collections, which I still wear today. Crystal jewellery always makes me feel positive and helps me face daily challenges!

Crystals are an essential part of my jewellery designs and there are hundreds of crystal varieties available in every colour of the rainbow, with various shades to match your style.

I am passionate about working with gemstones and their healing properties. I feel fortunate to have the ability to create beautiful crystal jewellery using these precious stones. However, I always treat them with the utmost respect, making sure to use them in a way that honours their natural beauty and importance.

My journey into silversmithing, creating jewellery with solid silver, began in 2013 when I enrolled in college to study silversmithing. Over four years, I honed my skills and learned the techniques of how to set crystals in silver. As a jewellery maker and designer, I take pride in my work and strive to create unique and beautiful designs.

My creative process always starts with the Crystals and a vision for the design, which I can see in my mind. If working on a new design that feels right, I know it will be a great jewellery piece.

I already had Reiki Healing skills qualifications. As an experiment, I offered to infuse a friend’s jewellery piece with Reiki Healing energy. After finishing the crystal piece, I directed the healing into the earrings she had ordered. The next day, my friend reported that the earrings had relieved her neck and arm pain.

This discovery showed me how to use my healing skills to boost crystal jewellery with healing energy. Merging Reiki Healing with beautiful crystal designs creates an outstanding healing combination. I continue to use this technique for clients who request it and have received positive feedback. Helping people is my passion, and I invite you to read my lovely testimonials from previous clients who accepted this.

Don’t despair if you are uncertain which crystal is best suited for your jewellery piece. I’m here to help guide you towards the crystal that would benefit you the most. All our Crystal jewellery is handmade with your unique style and personal energy in mind.

I respect and work with the unique energy of crystals, as many have exceptional healing qualities that can holistically assist you with your healing journey. When you wear one of our jewellery pieces, the holistic crystal energies will start working, and our additional Reiki healing infusion will bring a definite healing combination. All crystals are beneficial in their own way, and Angelic Reiki can amplify crystal healing, effectively enhancing an individual’s life by changing how they feel.

To improve your well-being, consider purchasing our beautiful crystal holistic jewellery with my complementary healing service of Angelic Reiki. If you’d like to share this healing experience with someone else or yourself, add the optional Angelic Reiki to your basket when purchasing jewellery from our shop.

All My Qualifications with Certificates:

Throughout the years, I have earned several qualifications with certificates.

In 2012, I received levels one and two of the Usui Reiki certification. Two years later, in 2014, I gained my certification in silversmith jewellery. Then, in 2018, I furthered my healing abilities by completing levels one and two of the Angelic Reiki certification. Most recently, in 2022, I obtained my level-one certification in holistic Crystal Healing.

This course qualified me to understand how various crystals interact with our bodies during our healing process. Welcoming this knowledge has given me more confidence in selecting the crystals for you to use when assisting with crystal healing.

Commissioning a Special Jewellery Piece:

Personalizing your style has never been easier than with colourful handmade crystal jewellery. All our crystal jewellery pieces are sustainable and durable but also exquisitely unique due to the natural gemstones used. Each design is truly one-of-a-kind, as we never copy the handmade work of others, and our high-end jewellery is not available on the high street.

As an experienced silversmith, I am confident in my skills to handmake bespoke silver gemstone jewellery wrapped in 925 Sterling Silver. My passion for this type of design was sparked in 2013 when I studied the art of silversmithing designs. The techniques of cutting out the silver, sanding, polishing, and forming the silver to fit perfectly around a crystal bring me joy and allow me to create exceptional pieces.

Are you curious about having a custom handmade jewellery design created just for you? Please get in touch and contact me for a complimentary consultation. You can also check out the sizes page to find the perfect length and size for your needs.

Just in case! If you see a ready handmade piece of jewellery in my shop that you like but prefer a different coloured stone, it can be changed. I can make a custom piece according to your preferred necklace length, wrist-bracelet size, or fingers-ring size. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to arrange a unique jewellery piece for yourself or someone special.

Most of my pieces can be handmade to order in either 9ct or 18-carat gold. Please email me for a quote. Gold is expensive, and that is why you need a quote.

It feels great when people admire and compliment the jewellery pieces I wear. I proudly tell them that I made them myself, and they often look surprised and impressed at my work and how exquisite they are.
One of my proudest achievements is becoming a member of the London Assay Office in 2014 and obtaining my silversmith qualifications. Your finished silver jewellery will be sent there for hallmark application if necessary, and my registered designer hallmark is at the London Assay.

My Process

When I get struck with inspiration, I usually begin with rough sketches. However, I trust my intuition and create a mental image for my design. Once I have a clear idea of what I’m making, I start working directly with the materials and experiment with different techniques until I’m satisfied with the final product.

  • I like to keep you updated with pictures throughout the design and creation process. These pictures will showcase the crystal you’ve requested and the progress photos from start to finish.
  • Once I’ve finished your piece, I’ll take photographs of the final product and send them to you for approval. If you’re happy with the final product, an invoice for your jewellery purchase is sent to your email. Additionally, I’ll send you gemstone information, an authenticity certificate, and instructions on how to care for your crystal jewellery via email.
  • Your new jewellery will be packaged in a gift box, placed in a gift bag, and sent to you via Royal Mail recorded delivery with insurance.
  • Everyone has unique healing needs and heals differently. Reiki intervention jumpstarts the healing process in the body.
  • I can charge your crystal jewellery with Reiki healing for added healing benefits. Each piece of jewellery I create is handmade to promote the highest good frequency for you or the intended recipient, offering a complimentary reiki healing service with your permission since it is a personal choice.

You can opt-in or opt-out regarding this service and all your wishes will be respected.

I work in my peaceful studio to ensure that all crystals remain vibrationally fresh. Additionally, I cleanse each gemstone before and after use to recharge the crystal energy for each of your jewellery purchased from Jewellery Dreams. All handmade jewellery is sent in a gift box within a secure padded envelope.

♥ Precious Materials:

At Jewellery Dreams, we are devoted to offering you high-quality jewellery crafted from genuine precious metals, authentic natural precious/semi-precious gemstones, and lustrous cultured pearls. All our crystals are sourced ethically from reliable suppliers in the u.k. with whom we have ordered our materials for over ten years.

Each crystal has a certificate of authenticity and is handpicked for its quality, ensuring it’s 100% genuine. We have an extensive collection of crystals to choose from.
Our cultured pearls have layers of nacre that give them a lustrous appearance, handpicked for their smooth surface. We provide various colour tones and styles of pearls, including Shell Pearls, Baroque Pearls and Keshi Pearls. Our approach is to collaborate with small, sustainable u.k. businesses to encourage ethical practices and provide only the best quality to our customers.

We use non-allergenic, nickel-free solid sterling silver in our jewellery, and occasionally 9ct or 18-carat gold. Despite the high cost of gold, we also offer an alternative in Gold Vermeil. This option is made of sterling silver and plated with a thick layer of 23.7ct yellow or rose gold.

At Jewellery Dreams, we believe in delivering beautiful, authentic jewellery pieces to our customers.

Other Information.

I am delighted to share, that my crystal jewellery with healing properties has been featured in respected magazines like Fate & Fortune and Chat its Fate. Additionally, I recently appeared on ITV’s Bling, episode 18, where I had an entertaining time selling my mum’s old gold watch and received compliments on the labradorite crystal jewellery I wore.

I want to assure you that Jewellery Dreams is a safe website to purchase from. We are an authentic website with an SSL certificate that protects your personal information when you pay for a purchase. Payments are in £ Pounds, completed through PayPal, Credit/Debit cards, use this link-PayPal.me/JewelleryDreamsEssex, or a secure bank transfer. We aim to provide an assured and convenient shopping experience for our customers.

If you would like to get in touch? – Contact Jacqui by text or call 07772 826772. Email:  jacqui.alves59@outlook.com, and I will reply to you asap.

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Hallmarks Information:

It is required by law for jewellery pieces with over 7.78 grams of silver to have hallmarks applied by the London Assay Office, which incurs additional costs for the customer. However, this process adds value to the piece and guarantees the authenticity of the sterling silver used.

As a member of the Assay Office, I have an official assay mark that includes my initials, JMAA, the lion symbol for London, 925 for sterling silver, and a letter for the year of make. Every year, the last letter changes. The hallmark will be very small when applied to the piece.

Only qualified Assay officers are allowed to use hallmarks, and the London Assay Office charges a fee ranging from £9.00 to £29.95, with additional costs for postage and VAT that are also put on the invoice.

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