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Hello, let me introduce myself,

Hello and welcome, my name is Jacqui Alves, a designer of handmade one-of-a-kind crystal Jewellery that is great to wear and will also benefit your well-being.

I value working with the incredible vibrations of crystals – many have exceptional healing energies benefiting you by holistically healing your whole body by receiving healing from your crystal Jewellery.
I also handmake Bespoke silver gemstone jewellery enfolded in 925 Sterling Silver – I studied the art and skill of silversmithing in 2012, and my skills are state-of-the-art and have developed in one-of-a-kind Jewellery pieces.

I can add my complimentary healing service of Angelic Reiki healing to the jewellery pieces bought from our shop, have a look at some of my client’s reviews. 

I will understand if you do not wish to add Angelic Reiki to your Jewellery purchase, it’s a personal choice, and I will respect your requests.

Listening to your healing messages holds a feeling of love from your reviews and knowing that the healing from your jewellery piece was received is always sincere. 

Working exclusively, making jewellery started as my part-time hobby and has slowly evolved into my full-time profession.
I love to wear colour-coordinating pieces, but it was often challenging to buy Jewellery sets from the high street that would colour-match my clothes. So, I took it upon myself to learn my career and made my colour-coordinated Jewellery collections, which I still love wearing today. Gemstone Jewellery always brightens up my day!

People admire and praise me on the jewellery pieces I wear, thanking them, I say I made this, they look at me surprised and then say that is awesome.

Silversmithing jewellery designs are unique, it is incredible how you can manipulate silver around a gemstone and make it into a beautiful piece and it is always made to fit you perfectly, I learned the art of silversmith jewellery, crafted and fulfilled this skill over four years, I am most proud of my silversmith qualifications, In 2014 I became a member of the London Assay Office where I am registered for my maker’s mark and this is the place where your silver jewellery is sent for the hallmarks to be applied to your silver Jewellery pieces if a hallmark is required.

My designs have progressed into pleasing, unique jewellery pieces, which you can view and buy from our shop or order a bespoke designed piece to be handmade for you. One-of-a-Kind Handmade Jewellery Designs make your gifts special.

Jewellery is the emotional ideal gift to mark your special moments in time for your loved one’s occasions which could be a Birthday, Wedding, Special Anniversary or any personal accomplishment. 

If you don’t know what crystal’s to choose – then I can source the perfect stone for you to be placed into the bespoke gemstone Jewellery piece of your choice or if you have a gemstone that you would like made into a piece of jewellery, we can use that one instead, ensuring it is a truly one-of-a-kind design for you. Our unique Crystal Jewellery pieces are designed with you in mind, recognising your style and personal energy.  

I love seeing my designs come to life is almost like a personal celebration and creating this work with my hands is my daily, much-loved meditation practice.

I am happy to offer you my skilled benefits of stunning Handmade Jewellery Designs, Healing with Angelic Reiki, Commission Orders, Gift Bags and VIP Customer Service for every client.

Allowing Reiki Healing to be infused into your Gemstone Jewellery is a complimentary service that I can offer you.  

Every piece of gemstone jewellery is a high vibrational piece, handcrafted to a high standard with attention to detail created and designed by me from my welcoming studio in Eastwood, SS9 5TP, Essex, U.K.

Operating from my tranquil studio ensures the crystals are kept vibrationally fresh, cleansing the gemstones before and after and ensuring they are energetically recharged for every jewellery piece that is bought from Jewellery dreams.

All Handmade jewellery pieces will receive a jewellery gift box securely sent to you in a padded envelope. Please also read why buy handmade? and I invite you to read our client’s reviews.

Jewellery Dreams is sustainable Jewellery, it is made to last, I always source our Precious crystals and precious metals from small sustainable business sellers in the UK, which I have bought from for the past 10 years and still do. They are authentic and they have ethically sourced the best gemstones, providing me with the best materials to use in your jewellery. Here at Jewellery Dreams, we are pleased to sell you sustainable long-lasting Jewellery. I also reuse all the small plastic bags for your pieces that are also recyclable.

In 2018, ‘Fate its Fortune’ magazine featured my story about how my Jewellery with healing properties helped a lady. More recently, in April 2020, ‘Chat its Fate’ Magazine asked to feature my jewellery and how it helped Rachael Edgley in her healing practice. It is an honour to have my work featured in these respected magazines. I truly love my work.

My recent adventure in August 2021, was to appear in the daytime programme on ITV called Bling, episode 18, where I had fun being filmed selling my mum’s old gold watch and the lady seller also commented on the jewellery that I was wearing which I had handmade and I was wearing that day. This was also an amazing experience and it was a long day of filming.

One final word, before I sign off – is that Jewellery Dreams is a safe website to buy from. We are Authentic and have A SSL certificate in place to secure your personal information when you are buying and paying for your beautiful purchases.

Payments are in Pounds/Sterling. You can pay by PayPal or secure Bank Transfer through your bank over the phone this allows you to pay me by simply putting your item in the basket and checking out, clicking on this link, and entering the amount to pay, with £3.95 postage. The money is paid into my Paypal account in minutes. Paying by bank transfer or Paypal is making it safer for everyone.

If you would like to talk to me? – Contact Jacqui by text or call 07772 826772. Email:  jacqui.alves59@outlook.com or jacqui.alves@jewellerydreams.com. I will reply to you asap.

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Hallmarks Information.

A hallmark must be added if the silver in your piece weighs over 7.78grames this is a legal requirement by law, and the cost of this is made by the London assay office and is added to the customer’s final invoice. Hallmarks give the jewellery more value and it’s a guarantee that the silver I use is 100% genuine sterling silver.

I am a member of the Assay Office of silversmiths and my maker’s mark, (Hallmark) is held at the London Assay Office. This hallmark is either lasered or stamped onto the jewellery work that I send to them. The Hallmark has my Initials, JMAA, with the lion for London, 925 for sterling silver and a letter for the make of the year. The symbols below are how the hallmark will look, which is very small when it is applied to the Sterling Silver.

The London Assay Office will charge a fee from £15.00 to £29.95 for one hallmark to be lasered onto your Jewellery piece, their postage and VAT are extra which is also added to the client’s invoice.
This hallmark is applied to the silver by a qualified Assay officer in London. Every year the end letter after the lion’s head changes. For 2022, It is the letter – X. Having this hallmark on your Jewellery will give it more value, proof of who the maker is and that the silver is genuine. It is like having a number plate, it is worth having it applied to your Silver Jewellery. I am also a member of The Guild of Jewellery Makers and Designers.


All our Jewellery pieces are designed and handmade by Jacqui Alves, the designs are unique and are Copyrighted © Which means you are not allowed to copy my designs in any way.

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