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Hello, allow me to introduce myself – I’m Jacqui Alves, I am a Silversmith and experienced Jewellery Designer, Maker.

I love to design and create one-of-a-kind fine hand-crafted pieces that are made for you to treasure and last. Each item is uniquely designed and created by me. The love and emotion created for handmade jewellery are very inspiring! I have been working with cherished Crystal pieces since 2010. Initially, I started in a part-time role but over time, it evolved to a full-time profession.

From a personal perspective, I enjoyed wearing matching jewellery pieces of necklaces and earrings but found it frequently challenging to buy Jewellery collections that coordinated with my clothes and my style. So, I took it upon myself to learn my profession and produce my own Jewellery sets.  Strangers now freely admire and compliment my personal creations and I take great pride in saying ‘I made this”.

I also take great pleasure with the process of silversmithing. Over a 4 year period, I studied, crafted and perfected the art of working with silver – I am most proud of my silversmith qualifications. In 2014, I became a member of the London Assay Office – where I’m registered for my maker’s mark, this is where the hallmarks are applied to the silver Jewellery.

Over the years, my creations have progressed into pleasing and distinctive designs that you can view in our Shop. The Jewellery Dreams Collections continues to mature. Ever evolving with new inspiration, using intuition, creativity and love. Featuring stunning Precious Crystals, beautiful Cultured Pearls and quality sterling silver. My desire for growth and creativity never stops. Knowing new techniques available as well as keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends and technology advancements.

Our unique Jewellery pieces are created with you in mind, reflecting your individual style, personal vibration and connection to the universe and spirit. Crystals carry their own healing properties and vibrations when infused with intention, love and reiki, each piece is capable of administering healing – enhancing your wellbeing and happiness.  Crystals and Reiki are a powerful combination.

As an Angelic energy worker, being spiritually aware and being attuned to the wonderful healing energy that is Angelic Reiki, qualifies me to infuse each piece with Reiki, love and healing.  My hands are the vessel that brings these materials to life and that help carve the way to my creative soul. Seeing my designs come to life is almost like a celebration, working with my hands is my daily and much-honoured meditation practice.

Each high vibrational piece is handcrafted to a high standard with attention to detail from our welcoming studio in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, U.K.

Working within a harmonious environment means that all of our beautiful Crystals are respected and ritually cleansed. As crystals come from mother earth they need to be cleaned routinely. Cleansing ensures you’re caring for your crystal by keeping it vibrationally fresh and ready to continue absorbing and delivering positive energy for your benefit.

Reiki Healing is a complimentary service but of course, we understand if you do not wish for this service. We listen to and respect all of your requests.

With every piece of Jewellery you will receive a variety of free gifts, please see why buy handmade Jewellery? Plus you can have complimentary Reiki Healing infused into your gemstone jewellery. Reiki is infused with your permission only.

My love for doing this work is the look of Joy on customers faces, and listening to their healing stories is one of the most excellent headlines that I can embrace in my life. It makes me do a joyful dance and it touched the bottom of my heart.

I invite you to read some of my customer’s reviews and try this for yourself. I’m passionate about Creativity, Healing and Uplifting others. I offer you a bespoke jewellery service. This is a sale you choose and I will make what you want, this could be a ring or bracelet made to fit you. I can source the Crystals of your choice if I don’t have the stones you want in my stock. You can also buy ready-made Jewellery from our shop.

I source our Precious crystals and precious metals from vendors in the UK, with whom I have bought from for over 10 years. They too are passionate that they have ethically sourced the best gemstones that I buy from them, which can go into making your jewellery. Here at Jewellery Dreams, we are passionate about you, our customers and you are our main focus.

In 2018, ‘Fate its Fortune’ magazine featured a story about how my Jewellery with healing properties helped a lady.  More recently, in April 2020, ‘Chat its Fate’ Magazine asked to feature my jewellery again. It is an honour to have my work featured within these respected magazines. I truly love my work.

One final word, before I sign off – is that this is a safe website to buy from.  I have A SSL certificate in place to secure your personal information when placing and paying for your beautiful purchases.

Payments are in Pounds/Sterling. You can pay by PayPal or secure Bank Transfer with your bank over the phone or you can pay me with my PayPay.Me link:- www.PayPal.Me/JewelleryDreamsEssex this allows you to pay me by simply clicking or adding this link, enter the amount to pay, log in to Paypal and that’s it. The money is paid into my Paypal account in moments. PayPal.Me is also eligible for your and my payment protection making it safer for everyone.

If you would like to talk to me? Please do so by any of these methods:- Contact Jacqui by text or call 07772 826772. Email:  jacqui.alves59@outlook.com. or leave a message on the contact us form and I will contact you asap.


Postage and packaging


A hallmark must be added if the silver in your piece weighs over 7.78grames this is a legal requirement by law, the cost of this is added to the customer’s final invoice. Hallmarks give the jewellery more value and are a guarantee that the silver I use is 100% genuine sterling silver.  

My maker’s mark is held at the London Assay Office. This hallmark is either lasered or stamped onto the jewellery work that I send to them. The Hallmark has my Initials, JMAA, with the lion for London, 925 for sterling silver and a letter for the make of the year. The symbols below are how the hallmark will look, which is very small when it is applied onto the Sterling Silver. The London Assay Office will charge a fee from £15.00 to £29.95 for one hallmark to be lasered onto your Jewellery piece, this also includes their postage and VAT.

This hallmark is applied to the silver by a qualified Assay officer in London. Every year the end letter after the lion’s head changes. For 2020, It changes to the letter – V. Having this hallmark on your Jewellery will give it more value, proof of who the maker is and that the silver is genuine. It is like having a number plate, it is worth having it applied to your Silver Jewellery.


All these Jewellery pieces are designed and handmade by Jacqui Alves, the designs I created are unique and are Copyrighted © Which means you are not allowed to copy my designs in any way.

Jewellery Dreams was featured in Chat its fate Magazine in 2018.

Also featured in a gift guide by Modern Guy by Sam, His link is:  https://modernguy.co.uk/festive-gifts-for-kids/ this is what he said –  Jewellery Dreams is a small business created by Jacqui Alves; a silversmith and experienced jewellery designer/maker. It sells a unique collection of long-lasting handmade pieces using precious crystals, cultured pearls and quality sterling silver. This crystal clear quartz bracelet will make a stunning gift for a young lady this festive season, handmade from beautifully arranged sterling silver and quartz. 

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