You can view our birthstone charts to choose a crystal for your birth month, then click on this link to visit the page for jewellery in that stone. All healing crystals are alive with wonderfully positive energies, which will provide you with feelings of love and well-being. I invite you to find your special birthstone.

Birthstones have delighted people for centuries and it’s easy to see why! Crystals are united with each sign of the Zodiac based on the month and a colour scheme and each one has its own healing properties, helping you with your healing. The wearing of birthstone jewellery began in 18th century Poland, this custom spread throughout the world with different cultures developing their own birthstone charts.

There are many Astrological beliefs around the world. Birthstones are varied depending on the time, date and location of births. The traditional birthstones could not have included the rare crystal Tanzanite, as It was not discovered until 1967. The modern lists now include this crystal along with the new birthstone of Spinel for August.

 How to Find your Birthstones:
There is a huge variety of crystals to choose from. We are often drawn to the crystals at different times in our lives, sometimes it’s simply because we like the colour of the stone or the way the crystal sparkles but it is usually because the stone contains natural healing energy and properties that offer us the healing or support we need. 

Immerse yourself in our birthstone guide it’s packed with intriguing facts and healing properties behind each gem and by visiting the shop or go to the bottom of this page and look in search, it will help you choose your perfect piece of birthstone jewellery. 

Crystals for the day of the week you were born:

  • Sunday Topaz & Diamond
  • Monday:   Pearl
  • Tuesday:   Ruby & Emerald
  • Wednesday:  Amethyst
  • Thursday:  Sapphire
  • Friday:  Cat’s Eye & Carnelian
  • Saturday:  Turquoise & Zircon.

Anniversary Gemstone Chart:

  • 1st Year: Gold2nd Year: Garnet.  3rd Year: Pearls.  4th Year: Blue Topaz.  5th Year: Sapphire. 
  • 6th Year: Amethyst.  7th Year: Onyx.  8th Year: Tourmaline.  9th Year: Lapis Lazuli.  
  • 10th Year: Diamond or Quartz11th Year: Turquoise.  12th Year: Jade.  13th Year: Citrine.  
  • 14th Year: Opal.  15th Year: Ruby.  16th Year: Peridot.  17th Year: Quartz.  18th Year: Cats-Eye. 
  • 19th Year: Aquamarine.   20th Year: Emerald.   21st Year: Iolite.   22nd Year: Spinel.  
  • 23rd Year: Imperial Topaz 24th Year: Tanzanite.   25th Year: Silver Jubilee.
  • 30th Year: Pearl Jubilee.  35th Year: Emerald.  40th Year: Ruby.  45th Year: Sapphire.
  • 50th Year:  (Golden Jubilee) Gold.   55th Year: Alexandre60th Year: (Diamond Jubilee) Diamond.
  • 70th Year: (Sapphire Jubilee) Sapphire.  80th Year: (Ruby Jubilee) Ruby.