Frequently Asked Questions?


Our crystals were sourced and bought with authenticity certifications.

All of my beautiful handmade jewellery designs are one-of-a-kind handcrafted using sustainably sourced crystals with natural variations. Our jewellery pieces are unique and outstanding in colour, shape, and design. Rest assured that our crystals show their true beauty, and the colours will come alive even more once they adorn your Jewellery collection.

You’ll receive the crystal jewellery you buy on our website, corresponding to and bettering the image seen in the shop photos. We take great pride in delivering the same crystal jewellery pictured in our online shop.

For those wanting to buy unique jewellery, our Bespoke Jewellery service is tailor-made to your design and handcrafted with the utmost care. These pieces reflect your chosen crystals and personal preferences. As part of the bespoke service, I will supply you with visual pictures of the stones and the anticipated jewellery design to start your bespoke jewellery piece. First, we require a deposit to cover the cost of materials. The paid deposit is deducted from your final invoice.

If you’re looking to add deeper significance to your crystal jewellery, I’m pleased to offer complimentary Angelic Reiki healing infused into your piece. You can also have your selected jewellery gifts sent to your preferred address with a personalized handwritten message. To set this up, please contact me so I can make the necessary arrangements. My top priorities are your satisfaction and connection to these handmade pieces, making your experience with us truly unique and special.

Are you open? Can I place an order? 

My office hours are Monday to Friday, 10 am to 4 pm. When buying from our shop you can browse our stunning collection of crystal jewelry. We offer a variety of ready-made pieces that are sure to impress. If you’re looking for something more personalized, we also accept orders for tailor-made jewellery. You can place an order at any time of the day, and if you order between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., your item will be posted on the same day. For orders placed after 4 p.m., your item will be posted the following day. Thank you for considering our shop for your jewellery needs.

Should you need assistance outside these hours, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email or text. Rest assured, if I’m not immediately free, I’ll promptly reply upon my return. Any personal time-off periods will be notified on my website.

For purchases made from the shop after office hours, rest assured that they will be sent by Royal Mail on the following day. Expect a brief delivery period of 2 to 3 days for jewellery purchased from our ready-made collection. Items that are purchased on a Saturday or a Sunday your item will be sent on Monday Morning, this is because there is no postal service on these days.

Yet, for handmade, bespoke orders, I’d like to advise that the creation process might take 2 to 3 weeks, providing every handmade detail is perfected to your idea. Your satisfaction is our highest focus, and we appreciate your patience during this detailed crafting period.

How do I pay for my order? Is it safe to use my Credit Card?

During our checkout process, we suggest a selection of convenient payment options. Which are PayPal, PayPal ME, and Credit or Debit card payments. Be assured, that a diverse range of payment methods awaits you upon checkout, delivering what suits you best.

For our customers placing Bespoke orders, paying deposits and purchasing Gift Cards, we require payment via bank transfers. 

We take great pride in our commitment to your security. At Jewellery Dreams, our website boasts an SSL certificate, a testament to our dedication to safeguarding your information. This certification ensures the encryption of sensitive data throughout your online transactions. With this precautionary measure in place, we reassure you that your details remain safe and sound, enabling a worry-free shopping experience on our platform.
Thank you for entrusting us with your jewellery desires.
Warm regards, Jacqui Alves, founder of Jewellery Dreams.

What Currency are all the prices listed at? The currency for this website is British Pounds and Pence.

Can I order my jewellery pieces to be made with my own choice of Crystals? → You have the option to either use your crystals or request them from our collection of exquisite gems. Our inventory boasts an extensive variety of gemstones, ensuring a wide spectrum of choices. Should you desire a specific crystal not currently in stock, I am capable of sourcing it for you.

How can I see your Jewellery Pieces in more detail? Enhance your shopping experience by simply clicking on any of the exquisite jewellery photos within the store. This action will instantly enlarge the image, granting you a magnified, intricate close-up view. Witness the intricate details up close, allowing you to fully appreciate the beauty of each jewellery piece. Owning these exquisite items will undoubtedly amplify their allure once they find a place in your collection.

How long will it take for my order to be Dispatched? When you make a purchase directly from our shop, you can expect to receive your order within 2 to 3 days. For our exclusive Bespoke orders, please allow up to two weeks. If your chosen jewellery piece requires a Hallmark at the assay office, the process might extend to three weeks, but rest assured, I will personally reach out to you to provide updates. Your satisfaction is our priority

Can I have my purchases sent to another address other than my billing address? Streamlined special Gift Sending: For seamless gift delivery to a different address, simply alert me promptly during your purchase through email, call, or text. Your gift will be elegantly wrapped in a gift box, accompanied by a personalized handwritten message of your choice. Kindly provide the desired message to be included with your thoughtful gift.

♥ How much will Postage and Packaging cost me? Experience worry-free shipping with our reliable Royal Mail postage options. For just £4.95, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Royal Mail Recorded Delivery, inclusive of packaging. To provide added protection for items valued over £50, our enhanced service offers signed-for recorded delivery, bought with comprehensive insurance at £6.95. This safeguard ensures that your order is shielded against loss or damage during transit by Royal Mail. With the security of their insurance, you have the reassurance that in the unfortunate event of loss or damage, you can file a claim and recover payment for your investment. While we prepare your order, please note that we cannot accept responsibility for any mail that may be lost or damaged in the postal process. Your satisfaction and the security of your items remain our top priorities.

How do I make a purchase? Enhance your shopping experience by simply clicking on any of the exquisite jewellery photos within the shop. This action will instantly enlarge the image, granting you a magnified, close-up view. Witness the intricate details up close, allowing you to fully appreciate the beauty of each jewellery piece. Owning one of these exquisite jewellery items will undoubtedly find a place in your collection.

Can I purchase more than one of any of the particular items? I am pleased to offer the option of including up to two exquisite jewellery items within a single packet. Should you desire to receive more than two items in a single parcel, kindly inform me so that I can accommodate your request. It’s important to note that sending more than two items in one package might incur a slightly higher postage fee due to the additional weight involved. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Do You Handmake Orders for Custom/Bespoke Jewellery Pieces? I am pleased to offer my assistance to handmake you a truly unique piece of crystal jewellery, specially tailored for either you or a loved one. Each creation is handmade, and infused with genuine care and attention to detail. Feel free to share your crystal preferences, enabling me to create something truly meaningful for you.

I will keep you updated on every stage of the design process, ensuring your vision is realized seamlessly. To initiate a personalized order, a deposit is required. This deposit serves to buy the materials and as a prepayment towards your final invoice, delivering a remarkable handmade crystal piece. It’s important to note that deposits are non-refundable, a policy detailed in our comprehensive Terms & Conditions. Your satisfaction and the creation of a beautiful jewellery piece that can resonate deeply with you remain important.

Can I have the assay hallmark applied to my silver jewellery? → Once your exquisitely crafted silver jewellery piece is ready, it will be time to send it over to the London Assay Office. The fees for assay services differ depending on the type of hallmark you’re seeking, ranging from £18.00 to £25.00 for a single hallmark. These assay fees also have extras of  VAT and special postage, which can be incorporated into the overall cost of your jewellery piece. It’s worth noting that this step becomes legally binding when your silver creation tips the scale at over 7.8 grams. However, even for pieces under this weight threshold, opting for the hallmark not only enhances its intrinsic value but also imparts a touch of distinction to your silver marvel.

 Can my Bracelet or Necklace be adjusted to the length I want? → Please inform me regarding any desired length adjustments for your jewellery piece before I proceed with its dispatch. I am pleased to offer a complimentary length adjustment of up to 1 inch. However, for any increase beyond 1 inch, an additional charge of £2 per inch will apply. However, any reduction in length is exempt from charges. Your satisfaction is my priority, and I’m here to ensure your jewellery fits you perfectly.

♥ How can I find a crystal with suitable healing properties for me? →

Initially, captivating crystals adorn our world, each with exquisite colours. Have you found yourself drawn to any of these mesmerizing gemstones? Allow your instincts to guide you towards the crystals that beckon you. If you’re uncertain about which ones to acquire, I’m here to lend a hand in your selection process. To better aid you, could you share the nature of the healing you currently seek assistance with? Once I understand your needs, I will be able to attune myself and recommend the most suitable gemstone to accompany you with the right healing energy for you.

Can I place a wholesale order? Not Possible! Every piece of jewellery is meticulously handcrafted by me, ensuring the highest level of quality and uniqueness which are available to buy or order from our shop.

♥ Can I buy your Jewellery without the healing in the Jewellery? Discover our exquisite Jewellery collection, where the choice is truly yours. While our crystal pieces are enchanting on their own, we offer the additional option of Angelic Reiki healing for those who seek it – a personalized touch for you or your loved ones. This transformative healing experience comes as a complimentary service, my heartfelt gift accompanying your order. Should you prefer your Jewellery without this added feature, rest assured, your choice is always respected.

How do You give healing through Jewellery?

Elevate Your Jewellery Experience with Angelic Healing Energy

At Jewellery Dreams, our commitment goes beyond crafting exquisite pieces – Jacqui offers a unique opportunity to infuse your jewellery with Angelic healing energy. When selecting your cherished jewellery from our collection, you have the option to invite Angelic Healing into your purchase. This meaningful addition can be included in your basket, whether you’re treating yourself or someone special.

Before embarking on this healing journey, each crystal within the jewellery is meticulously cleansed and purged of any negative energies. As the custodian of your chosen piece, I take a moment to hold it, forging a connection with the Arch Angels. This divine alliance empowers me to channel their loving healing energy, infusing it into the crystals and anchoring it with healing intent for the designated recipient.

The true wonder of Angelic Reiki Healing emerges when the crystal jewellery is worn. The healing energy intuitively finds its path, addressing the areas in need within the wearer’s body. It’s an ethereal dance of renewal and revitalization.

Once the fusion of healing energies is complete, your bespoke jewellery piece is securely packaged. Nestled within an elegant gift bag, it finds its place inside a thoughtful gift box, a treasure waiting to be revealed. This precious package then embarks on its journey to you, safeguarded by a padded envelope and Royal Mail’s recorded delivery service.

For further assurance, we invite you to explore the heartfelt testimonials of our genuine clients. Their stories bear witness to the profound healing transformations that unfold when our jewellery is embraced with intention and worn with love.

Discover the harmonious synergy of exceptional craftsmanship and Angelic healing at Jewellery Dreams – where every piece resonates with a higher purpose.