Crystal Information

Crystals can assist you in different ways, one of these ways is to wear Crystal Jewellery which brings you regular healing energy when it’s worn daily. The healing or protective power of the crystals is with you all day and it’s always best to wear one next to the skin aiding your improvement of well-being. So, wearing your crystal pendant, bracelet or earrings will benefit you in many ways. I can also infuse your jewellery with the benefit of Angelic reiki, giving you an extra boost of healing energy.

It’s reasonable to be drawn to a crystal as though it is inviting you in, it means this is the crystal you’ll need now to assist you. Once you have chosen one crystal, you will discover other crystals that will also work for you. Reiki healing will enhance and kick start your healing journey when it’s combined with our healing crystal jewellery.

All gemstones are defined as precious and semi-precious stones. A skilled lapidarist craft is to cut the crystals into Beads and Cabochons into shapes of Ovals, Pear Drops or irregularly shaped with a facet or smooth cut, this provides the beads or cabochons with a brilliant faceted sparkle or simple smooth opaque appearance. Gemstones have a variety of hardness, between 1 to 8 on the Mohs scale this is a measure of how hard or soft a crystal is. Crystals are a unique gift from Mother Earth. Crystals are notable in their type, colour tones, textures and shape.

In today’s position, there are hundreds of precious, semi-precious gemstones to choose from. Here you will discover a range of handmade gemstone jewellery that we sell here at Jewellery Dreams featuring some of these beautiful crystals.

What is the difference between precious stones and semi-precious stones? These terms are based on old traditions from the west. These days, all gemstones are considered precious since they are all rare.

Precious stones VS. semi-precious stones: what are the differences between the two?

True gemstones division is compact considering that some are said to be precious, others to be semi-precious, more are considered fine or elegant, the differences apply.

What stones are considered precious and which are those considered semi-precious?

Gemstones are varieties of minerals, rocks or organic matter that have been cut, polished and then created into a piece of jewellery. In the 1800s, these gemstones were divided into two sections – precious and semi-precious stones regarding their value difference at that time. Now, the boundaries are not always correct – the quality, the rarity, the birthplace of the stones are to be taken into consideration.

Precious Gemstones

In regards to the precious stones, there are only four gemstones that are in demand, these are – Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires. Sometimes you will see that a pearl, an opal or jade are listed as a precious gemstone but often they are viewed as semi-precious. Traditionally, these four precious stones have been the most valuable and sought after gemstones.

Semi-precious stones

The other gemstones that aren’t one of the big four are considered to be semi-precious. The semi-precious list is huge but some of the more common ones are –  Alexandrite,(very rare) Agates, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Opal, Pearl, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Citrine, Spinel (rare), Tanzanite (very rare), Tourmaline, Turquoise and Zircon (Rare).

The division between precious and semi-precious has no real scientific backing. For example, Emerald is a variety of Beryl, so are Aquamarines. Emerald is precious while aquamarine is semi-precious. When this category came about, it was mainly due to the value and rarity differences between the 4 precious gemstones, besides the rest. Today some semi-precious gemstones can be worth much more than a precious stone because of their rarity. 

Spinels are another example. Additionally, many semi-precious stones can be rarer than some of the previous ones. Demantoid Garnets or Tsavorite Garnets and many other semi-precious gemstones are now difficult to find, harder to mine and offered in lower qualities than the precious gemstones.

When purchasing gemstone Jewellery, we don’t recommend getting too caught up in if the stone is precious versus semi-precious.

All gemstones are precious and beautiful in the sense that if they provide meaning and value to you in a piece of jewellery, they are very special, also have in mind that the colours of the gemstones are subjective and a piece of jewellery is emotional.

The crystals we work with provide our jewellery designs with a high-class fashion, our handmade Jewellery is One-of-a-Kind, passionately created with care, skill, talent and Love. It’s in my highest interest to clean and recharge the energy for all new crystals that come my way before they are made into jewellery, sent to you and cleared of any negative energies so that you’ll receive your gemstone jewellery in the best possible condition. All our crystals are cleansed before and after making a jewellery piece.

Crystals are high in frequency and vibration, they can balance the bodies healing energy, altering the vibration of bodily cells, healing the chakras and the subtle bodies. Additional energy assistance from Reiki healers can enhance the crystals healing energy. 

I invite you to read about our clients healing experiences who’ve accepted angelic reiki that was infused into their Jewellery. Go to our reviews page. These are 100% True, given to me by my lovely Clients.

Cleansing of the Crystal Energy.

I am so grateful for the great gifts that mother earth gives us, which also manages to produce the beautiful crystals that assist us with our healing and also enable me to make stunning Jewellery. For most crystals you need to cleanse about once a month, cleansing ensures you’re caring for your crystals by keeping them vibrationally charged and ready for you to absorb this positive energy daily. All our amazing crystals are cleansed and respected here.

All Crystals are our most natural energy sources developed within Mother Earth so, they need to be cleansed and refreshed routinely. Cleansing them ensures you’re caring for your crystal jewellery keeping it vibrationally fresh can maintain your healing and create positive energy for your well-being when wearing your jewellery, by just rinsing them under running cool water is another way to cleanse them of all negative energy.

There are several ways to cleanse your crystals, this will clean the stones of any collected negative energy. You can do an energic cleansing and recharging every month or so, under a full or new moon to eliminate the negative energy nourishing the crystals to restore their vibrational frequencies. There isn’t a single crystal that doesn’t enjoy a good moon bath, so, after sunset place, the crystal jewellery on a natural surface outside or place it near a window where it can bathe in the direct moonlight at night. I also use my sound bowl it creates a sonic vibration that shakes off any negative energy at a high energic level, this is one of my favourite ways to cleanse your jewellery, especially before intensifying the crystal Jewellery with the vibrational healing power of Angelic Reiki before it sent to you.

Benefits of wearing Crystal Jewellery.

Crystals are said to have “vibrations” or “frequencies” at which they vibrate. These frequencies help balance the chakras of our bodies energy centres. The intended healing benefits of crystals boost areas of your mental wellbeing, including feelings of renewed calmness, positivity and focus, as well as the enhanced balance of the chakras and pain relief.
Individual crystals are also known to have their unique energies that help to align the chakras to assist with different areas of your life with their appearance plus colour, as well as their variety concerning their power. As with everything in life, it’s all about balance, eliminate the negative energy helping your energy to be restored.

Every person has their own individual healing needs, and everyone heals in different ways. Reiki benefits you by kick-starting the bodies healing. Accept and trust that you will receive the healing when you wear your handmade Jewellery infused with Reiki.  The divine healing energy combined with the crystal jewellery is a wonderful piece to have.

Emotional moments are passed on through your Birthstones, Anniversary Gems and Zodiac signs. They also make great gifts for all special occasions and particular events in your life.

Crystal Care Guidelines:

If your Jewellery is to be kept looking lovely and last for generations, then they need to have a little loving care.

Please take time to read this care guide for your jewellery. Maintaining your jewellery in this way will be helping it to last a lifetime. The long-lasting crystals are one of mother nature’s natural creations. They need care if the gems are to keep their stunning good looks so please make sure you follow this simple advice. 

  • Remove your jewellery before engaging in any activities such as sports. Exposure to chemicals and heat such as household sprays hair sprays and perfumes.
  • After applying your lotions, cosmetics, hair spray or perfumes, Apply your jewellery. Not before. 
  • When you are removing or putting on your jewellery, please do not pull it on as this will weaken and it could break.
  • Store your jewellery in a bag or a jewellery box. So that the harder stones don’t scratch softer ones and the jewellery stays scratch-free. 
  • Checking the Mohs hardness of the gems will give you an idea of the strength of each crystal.
  • Wipe your jewellery with a clean damp cloth and then polish them with a dry soft cloth. 
  • Avoid cleaning crystals in an ultrasonic cleaner. Quartz, Rubies and Sapphires are usually fine.
  • Crystals that are opaque such as Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise and Malachite can be porous. They will absorb chemicals and soap. Only wipe them with a clean moist clean cloth.
  • Do not use soapy water on Pearls or Opals as it will spoil the lustre of the crystals
  • Keep Opals away from heat and strong light as it can dry out the water within them. Avoid cleansing them in an ultrasonic and with soap and water. If the opals are looking dull, you can leave them in some plain natural mineral water to hydrate them. One hour is enough.
  • Only wipe Pearls, Coral and Amber with a soft moist cloth, these gems are Organic, soft and porous. Avoid chemicals in hairspray, cosmetics, and perfume. Over time they can damage the Pearls lustre.