Birthstones are fun, popular and are a colourful awakening to the world of gemstones. They appeal to supporters of our mysterious world despite gender, age, nationality or religion. Birthstones carry healing energies, properties and legends that are unique to each gemstone. There are many stories about the many unique powers and properties that birthstones have. Whether or not you believe in these, it’s hard to object that the gemstones healing energy received can be an extraordinary individual experience. Discover what makes your birthstone a meaningful difference of your finest healing qualities by clicking on the birthstone you were born in below.

Our Birthstone guide has many fascinating details about the healing properties that every gemstone holds. Spoil yourself, order your ideal birthstone handmade gemstone jewellery that’s on display in our shop. Wearing your birthstones will assist you with a success that adjusts to your healing so well. If you also need an extra boost of healing, combine crystal healing with Angelic healing, receiving a powerful combination.

December’s birthstones are privileged to have the very rare crystal of Tanzanite discovered in 1967, so it wasn’t on any of the earlier birthstone charts. August was also given Spinel as one of its birthstones with a variety of beautiful colours.  

We have the birthstones of your choice for you in our shop. You can buy handmade Jewellery or go for a bespoke birthstone commission order.

Click on the birth month of Birthstone crystal’s, which will take you to the shop page to choose your birthstone Jewellery. Enjoy ordering your Jewellery for all your birthday treats and for your gifts too.


January/Capricorn: December 22nd – January 19th

Do you need a gemstone that can bring order to your life, settle any feelings of uneasiness, and revitalize your body, mind, and spirit? Garnet can be that gemstone for you!

Still, waters run deep for this earth sign of the Goat. Those born under Capricorn are careful natural planners, skilled at following an all-embracing plan for each stage of their life. However, this sign can be reluctant to open up but if they have made a bond with you, become a loyal friend for life.
The mantra of Hard work brings sweet rewards is true for Capricorns. You are naturally a hard worker putting your energy into every project. So, wear your birthstone jewellery to praise yourself as hard work does bring sweet awards.

Garnet Jewellery

Crystal Properties: Hardworking, Lifts Depression, Gives Confidence, Honesty, Success, Travel, Creativity, Love, Loyalty.  

Affirmation: I am Hardworking, Loyal, Sincere.

The advantage of wearing Garnet jewellery is to clarify the energies in your body by clearing the toxins and repairing your body to its revitalized and re-energized state.

The crystal structure of red Garnet can cleanse your body, mind, and spirit. It can make sure that you are functioning at 100% all the time! Garnet is a must-have gemstone to gain balance, feel safe, protected and provide your inner strength.

Having a sense of inner balance and contentment from which to consider how to grow, what direction to take in life, and how best to align with your soul mission is more valuable than even the most highly-priced garnet pieces today!

Stunning January’s birthstone, Garnet is discovered in several beautiful colours in red, orange, yellow, green and pink most garnets are berry red well-known shades. Some Garnets look different under varying light sources.

The rarest colour of all is the leafy green variety, which I have in stock for you. Garnets make a great gift to express Friendship, Love and Trust.

Garnet’s boosts your confidence and is suitable for people that have low self-esteem. Wearing a garnet necklace will clear up your communication skills, creating success in personal and professional matters. 

Wearing meaningful Garnet Jewellery will make a positive impact on the way that you feel. 

It will give you emotional support as well as motivating and inspiring you. Wearing your Garnet Birthstone Jewellery is a constant, powerful and personal reminder of your daily assistance, whether you buy it for yourself or you give it as a gift! Jewellery to bring you enjoyment every day.

Garnet Colours: Red, Green, yellow, pink and Orange.

Chakras: Root, Heart and Sacral.

February/Aquarius: January 20th – February 18th

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are genuinely free spirits and move to the flow of their feelings.

Amethyst is a purifier of the aura. It clears negative energies and protects the body from anything that may be harming the soul. Wearers of Amethyst have a clear mind and are centred when it comes to their spirituality.
The chakras this gemstone assists with are the Third Eye and the Crown. By working with these Chakras it enhances psychic gifts, inspiration and cognitive understanding.



Amethyst Jewellery

Crystal Properties: Aids Grieving, Calming, Banishing Negativity, Energy, Healing, Insightful Dreams, Inspiration, Intuition. Meditation, Purification, Recovery, Serenity, Spirituality, Uplifts.

Affirmation: I am Intelligent, Spontaneous and Kindhearted.

For people born in February and the Zodiac sign of Aquarius. The Birthstone – Amethyst is one of the most popular and well-known crystals with its beautiful deep Purple to Lilac shades of colours. Its healing gives peace, calmness and softens any negative feelings helping to reduce negative energies around the body.

Amethyst is one of the most well known powerful stones to have in your Jewellery collection. To receive the benefits of Amethyst healing, have a piece close to you by wearing a stunning Amethyst necklace or a lovely pair of earrings. You’ll also notice that it will assist you to have a clear head and relieves your headaches.

Birthstones have a positive effect on how you feel. Wear your Amethyst Jewellery to bring inspiration every day. While holding onto your piece of Amethyst Jewellery will make a positive impact on the way that you feel. Buy your Amethyst Birthstone Jewellery for yourself or give it as a gift from our shop. 

Colours: Purple, Lilac, Green and Pink.

Chakra. Crown and ChakraThird Eye.

March/Pisces: February 19th – March 20th

The Zodiac sign of Pisces is a water sign and signified by two fish swimming in opposite directions. Pisces are genuinely selfless, making generous Friends and Partners. Birthstones are Aquamarine and Bloodstone. Although this sign gives the illusion of naivety, those born under Pisces often possess wisdom beyond their years – Experience begins in Wonder – You favour life skills over written achievements and soak up information everywhere you go.



Aquamarine Jewellery

Crystal Properties: Calming, Career Success, Growth, Insight, Inspiration, Love, Communication, Mental Peace and clarity.

Affirmation: I am Intuitive, Inspirational, Imaginative.

Aquamarine is a March birthstone and is authenticated as a Zodiac birthstone for Pisces. The other Birthstones are Bloodstone, Jasper, Turquoise and Larimar. Your lucky gem is the stunning Aquamarine. A perfect stone for you to wear as a piece of Jewellery.

The radiant ocean colours have long been a symbol of youth, health and hope.
Aquamarine belongs to the gemstones group of Beryl, Emerald is also part of that family.

Be Inspired by your gemstone Jewellery and wear your meaningful Birthstones which are powerful gemstones that can uplift us. While holding onto your piece of Aquamarine  Jewellery will have a positive effect on how you feel. It will inspire and encourage you.

Buying Birthstone Jewellery to give you a lasting and powerful personal reminder of your gemstone healing power whether you buy it for yourself or give it as a gift, wear your Jewellery to bring you enjoyment every day. Take hold of your jewellery when you are wearing it and give yourself a moment of space, calm and focus. Buy from our shop for your special Aquamarine  Jewellery.

Aquamarine creates a splendid look for all garments and it’s for all seasons too. Intuitive, Inspirational and Imaginative, Embrace your sparkling character with your star sign and have the courage to become the person you are destined to be, you have worked so hard to get there and you deserve it. 

Colours: Light Ocean Blue, Creamy Yellow, White and Sea Greens.

Chakra. Throats

April/Aries: March 21st – April 19th

Affirmation: I am Adventurous, Dynamic, Independent,

The Zodiac sign of Aries is a fire sign, The symbol of the Ram and named after the Greek God of War. Aries share many qualities, ambition, sensuality and a strong will. Wear Diamond or Quartz Jewellery as your Birthstone gives Clarity, Healing and aids Concentration. 

Wear your birthstone Jewellery to remind yourself of your Positive qualities. 

Meaningful Birthstones are powerful gemstones that can uplift us. Hold onto your piece of Diamond or Quartz gemstone Jewellery and it will have a positive effect on how you feel. 

Buy your Birthstone Jewellery from our shop, whether you buy it for yourself or buy it as a gift. Wear your gemstone jewellery to bring you joy every day. Take hold of your jewellery when you are wearing it to give yourself a moment of space, calm and focus. 

Diamond and Quartz

Choose from Two Crystals, Diamond and Quartz:  

Diamond Jewellery

Diamond Crystal Properties: Banishing Negativity, Career Accomplishment, Confidence, Prosperity.

Diamond is one of April’s birthstones, but because diamonds are expensive to buy, Beautiful sparkling Quartz is also a birthstone for this month. It’s good to know that the Mystical Birthstone charts also links Carnelian with Aries.
So, if you are born in April and are an Aries, choose either one of these accepted beautiful gemstones as your birthstone.

Diamonds are usually connected with love, bring success and present a sense of well-being, improving your responses as a wearer of this gemstone. Said to be a master healer, known to be a healing stone in removing blockages and all negative energies. You can use this stone as a magnifier with other crystals. It is cleansing for the whole body, brings strength, it also brings prosperity and protection.

Colours. Clear or White.
Chakra. Crown.


Clear Quartz Jewellery

Crystal Properties: Cleansing, Concentration, Development, Energy, Grounding, Healing, Insight, Intuition, Meditation, Spirituality.

Quartz crystals are like diamonds and also a stunning crystal that has a magnificent sparkle and wearing a quartz Necklace is a great way to receive its powerful healing energies. 

Quartz raises your vibration, starts the steps for your healing and communication. When wearing jewellery handmade with Quartz, you will sense an increase of positive energy. Quartz is a must-have crystal for receiving healing. Quartz is an important gemstone and can activate all the seven chakras in our bodies energy centres while also clearing our aura. It brings good health, fortune and clarity of mind. It is the most popular and powerful crystal out there. Quartz is valued as the Master Healer bringing you strength and spiritual growth during times of stress and also bring you times of joy. Quartz comes in many colours and varieties.

Colours: Clear Quartz to Cloudy also known as milky quartz. 

Chakra: All Chakras.

May/Taurus: April 20th – May 20th

The Earth sign of Taurus has the symbol of the bull. Appearances can be deceptive for those born under this sign as they are known to be deeply passionate under their strong exterior. Although they may enjoy the finer things in life, Taurus always remain down-to-earth.
Taurus is one of the most reliable signs of the zodiac. Their stubbornness is due to strong will, confidence and are consistency.
Passionate, strong-minded and materialistic. Deeply caring and clever. You are the best symbol of growth and progress. You also secure the life of your close ones. Wearing your Emerald gemstone jewellery will bring you prosperity, success and protection. Taurus individuals don’t like to be forced or have life changes. They love their home comforts and routine in life.



Emerald Jewellery

Crystal PropertiesUnderstanding, Prosperity, Success, Creativity, Protection, Mental powers, Protection, Creativity, Love, Kindness, Balance, Patience and the Power to Heal.

Affirmation: I am Patient, Compassionate, Dependable.

The birthstone for May is Emerald. It makes the perfect birthday gift for loved ones. Natural Emerald Jewellery is beautiful and magical, a gemstone of developing love that creates stability. It makes a great addition to your jewellery collection. 

Feel Emerald’s mighty pull at the Heart chakra as this precious crystal radiates love.

Wearing Your birthstone jewellery is powerful that can uplift us. Hold onto your piece of Emerald Jewellery will positively affect how you feel, bringing you self-belief, motivating and inspiring you. 

Buy your Birthstone Jewellery whether you buy it for yourself or give it as a gift, wear your Emerald Jewellery to bring you to benefit every day and give yourself a moment of space, calm and focus. Buy or commission your Emerald Jewellery from our shop.

Colours: Light to Dark Greens with black inclusions. 

Chakra: Heart Chakra.

June/Gemini: May 21st – June 21st.

The zodiac sign Gemini is signified by the twins. You are lucky to have three wonderful Birthstones, these are the Pearl, Moonstone and Alexandrite. This sign is the social butterfly of the zodiac, and those born under Gemini are the life and soul of the party. Gemini’s are witty and versatile, with a quick-thinking mind. They take part in new experiences and satisfy their naturally inquiring qualities. They love bright colours and like to shake up every aspect of their lives with the drop of a hat. Because of their strong will to explore unique activities, they often need variety and lots of mental stimulation. Without that, they get rather bored. Creative and curious, they make great entrepreneurs, designers and artists.

Affirmation: I am Witty, Inquisitive, Bright

Birthstone Jewellery is a timeless and very personal way of being inspired by your gemstone jewellery that uplifts us. June is lucky to have three beautiful gemstones to choose from.

Holding onto your piece of Pearl or Moonstone Jewellery daily will positively affect how you feel. It will bring you self belief as well as motivating and assisting you. Whether you buy it for yourself or give it as a gift, wear your gemstone Jewellery to bring you enjoyment every day. Take hold of your jewellery when wearing it to give yourself a moment of space, calm and focus. Buy or commission your Pearl or Moonstone Jewellery.

Pearl, Moonstone & Alexandrite 

June is lucky to have three impressive birthstones with the choice of Pearls, Alexandrite and Moonstone.

Choose from 3 Crystals, Pearls, Moonstone & Alexandrite.


Pearl Jewellery

Crystal Properties: Confidence, Love, Prosperity, Success, Consciousness, Calming, Tolerance and Alignment.

When Gemini wears its birthstone of Pearls, the ease at being the twin sign personalities in one will fill you with a sense of calm. The ancients long ago realised the duality of the Pearl matched that of the sign of Gemini. Pearl jewellery inspires style and grace, often connected with love.

Pearls signify wisdom, bringing prosperity, luck and protection. They are also known for their calming effect and can balance your energy. Wearing pearls is also said to mean honesty, kindness, confidence, loyalty to support and reduce stress. They are tokens of success, peace and love, making them great for wedding jewellery.

A Pearl gets created when a speck of sand gets caught up in an Oyster shell. This grain of sand is an unwanted obstacle for the Oyster, so it starts to cover the grain of sand with its natural magical coating called Nacre. Also, the inside layer of the pearl oyster shell creates Mother of Pearls and Shell Pearls.
Handmade Pearl necklaces, earrings or bracelets are available to buy from our shop in a choice of beautiful colours.

Chakra: Sacral. 

Colours: White, Cream, Peacock Black, Green, Pinks, Blues.


Related image 

Alexandrite Jewellery/Commissions Only

Crystal PropertiesGrowth, Passion, Power, Prosperity, Self-Expression, Success, Courage, Self-Esteem.

Alexandrite is a rare precious gemstone that is one of the most valuable forms of Chrysoberyl, an expensive stone to buy and worth purchasing. This gemstone shifts colour with the light and can appear green by sunlight and red to violet by candlelight. It is also pleochroic, meaning that the colours change when seen from different angles.

When you find rough gemstone pieces will be small but well worth purchasing. Alexandrite is a master healer with magical energy believed to bring the gift of Clairvoyance and good fortune. It appears to work when you keep this crystal with you constantly.
It opens the crown chakra bringing a path to the warm healing energy, the love energy of the universe, to increase your intuition, creativity and vision.

Chakras: Crown, Heart and Root.



Moonstone Jewellery

Moonstone Crystal Properties: Balancing, Calming, Peace, Inspiration, Love, Relationships, Self-Love, Serenity.

Moonstone is one of the most beautiful gemstones with a shimmer of light called adularescence, and the more shimmer the stone has, the more valuable it is.
This unique magical shimmer happens by tiny deposits that flash and diffuse light, reflecting the moon’s glow. When the rainbow colour flashes across the surface of the Moonstone, instantly it attracts your attention to it. It is how Moonstone got its name.

Rainbow Moonstone has the powerful angelic soft energy about it. Most Moonstones display a flash of striking blue shine.
There are unique types of Moonstone gemstones, Rainbow Moonstone has flashes of blue across the surface, but the colours of Soft Peach, Grey and Beige each produce a stunning soft glow across the surface when the light catches it.

Black Moonstone varies in shade from a light silvery-grey to a dark black, also known as Laverkite. Its often found with natural banded veins and inclusions and the random light glow. Use this unique Moonstone when you are ready to dive into your true self.

Peach Moonstone colours from soft peach to light orange. It displays a glistening shine. Use this soothing gemstone to calm emotions. Use Peach Moonstone to balance the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras.

Shimmering White Moonstone laced with striking black Tourmaline inclusions is a unique, powerful moonstone with the energy of Moonstone and the protective energy of Tourmaline. True healers, psychic readers and clairvoyants know that Moonstone is a must in their crystal collection. If you’re willing to open your Third Eye Chakra and obtain a protected new world of spiritual understanding, this crystal jewellery is definitely for you.

Colours: White with Tourmaline inclusions, Rainbow moonstone, Black,  Soft Peach and Silver Grey.
Chakras: Crown, Third Eye and Sacral

July/Cancer: June 22nd – July 22nd

The zodiac sign of the Cancer symbol is the crab. Your gemstone is the beautiful Ruby. Those born under this sign values friends, family and their love of home and creation. They try to be as true to themselves as possible they are deeply loving people. They are considered one of the most nurturing signs of the zodiac. Their love of assurance leads them to take friendships and relationships very seriously. They are compassionate and virtually unconditional in the love that they give to those in their lives. They find happiness in sharing what they have.

They can suffer deeply when relationships, romantic or otherwise, don’t work out. Cancer can be deep and mysterious, their outer appearances hiding the depth of their feelings. They don’t like revealing too much of themselves, and they are protective and daring. However, they can become very moody too. Because of their clingy characters, they tend to be sensitive to the needs of others. In life, people who fall under the zodiac sign of Cancer can be successful intuitively with their ability to understand what others want.


Ruby Jewellery

Crystal Properties: Creativity, Love, Protection, Strength, Abundance, Creativity, Self-esteem.

Affirmation: I am Imaginative, Loving, Sympathetic.

Giving ruby gemstone jewellery as a gift is a symbol of friendship, love, strength and quality. Natural Ruby is more opaque and may have a few inclusions and a stone of contentment, good fortune, as well as aiding intuitive thinking. Ruby is also a stone of abundance and success in business.

The appeal of Ruby is a stone of passion, awakens the energy of your soul, it can assist you with anxiety and poor health. 

Ruby is protecting from unwanted energies such as emotional or psychic attacks. Ruby is a Precious Gemstone. Wearing Jewellery featuring birthstones create a timeless and very personal way of being inspired by your crystal jewellery and uplifts us.  Wearing your piece of Ruby Jewellery will positively affect how you feel. It will bring you self belief as well as inspiring and encouraging you. 

Whether you buy it for yourself or give it as a gift, wear your Jewellery to bring you enjoyment every day and give yourself a moment of space, calm and focus. 

Buy or commission your beautiful Ruby Jewellery from our shop.

Colours: Blood Red & Deep Pink.

Chakras: Root & Heart.

August: Leo: July 23rd – August 22nd

The zodiac sign of Leo is a fire sign, symbolised by the lion. Your Birthstones are the stunning Peridot and diamond-like Spinel. Those born under Leo are bold, courageous, daring, so are natural leaders. They also have true star quality and love being in the spotlight.

Leo is known for their sense of pride. Being ruled by the Sun, they often can bring warmth, light and life into the lives of those that surround them. They like to surround themselves with a large social circle that will adore and appreciate them. Their natural charisma and dignity will often draw other signs to them, falling under Leo’s magnetic pull.

Wearing Your Birthstone Jewellery will bring you – Healing, Success, Protection and Good Relationships.

Affirmation: I am Kind, Generous, Creative.

While wearing your jewellery piece of Peridot or Spinel it will positively change how you feel, as well as inspiring and encouraging you.
Buy Birthstone Jewellery to give you a lasting and powerful personal reminder of your gemstones healing. Whether you buy it for yourself or give it as a gift, wear your gemstone Jewellery to bring you enjoyment every day and give yourself a moment of mindfulness, calm and focus. Buy your birthstone jewellery or treat yourself to a commission piece from our shop.

Peridot and Spinel 

Choose from two Crystals – Peridot, and Spinel:

 Peridot and Spinel

Peridot Crystal Properties: Healing, Protective, Success, Career Accomplishment, Cleansing, Insight, Relationships, Soothes Emotions, Success, Comforting.

Discover your Peridot jewellery handmade with sterling silver in our jewellery dreams shop. Peridot has a fantastic olive to lime green colour and brilliance. This gem forms in lava deep in the earth’s mantle. Peridot is considered one of the most prosperous crystals to own.

This stone assists the whole body, metabolism and is known for cleansing and healing hurt emotions. Assist you with developing inner vision and is the stone of seeing the future. Protects against negativity and opens the mind. It acts as a tonic and heals the physical body. Peridot is a crystal said to bring you lots of good luck.

Colours: Olive or Lime Green.

Chakra: Heart.


 Spinel Jewellery

Spinel Crystal Properties: Protection, Inspiration, Healing. Communication, Success, Joy, Calming.

August is lucky to have the gemstone Spinel as one of its Birthstones. Natural Spinel, however, has always been a rare and beautiful natural gem. This natural beauty is suitable for most varieties of jewellery which make this stone even more appealing.

It’s a stone of prosperity, supports the life force and brings joy and peace. Spinel helps to open the mind to vision, inspiration and a stone of wisdom. It has several colours bringing a unique energy vibration and knowledge, assisting your healing the body from negativity and replacing it with love and Joy.

The healing properties of the colours are – Black, for grounding and protective properties, Red, to magnify energy, Green and pink spinel, to inspire love and compassion, Purple, related with spiritual growth, Yellow, related to insight, Blue, communication and Orange, linked to self-esteem.

Colours: Black, Pink, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Blue and Orange.

Chakras, Root, Heart, Solar & Sacral.

September/Virgo: August 23rd – September 22nd

The zodiac sign of Virgo is an Earth sign, symbolised by the virgin. Analytical, intelligent and modest, those born under Virgo have high expectations for themselves and others. They are more than willing to put the extra work in to meet those expectations, and so it is no surprise that they are usually successful in all of their endeavours. Be happy, Be bright, Be you. Sometimes you need to remember to take a step back and enjoy the simple things in life. But you have a drive for success.

Your birthstone of Sapphire Jewellery will remind you to ensure that you’re not all work and no play. Virgos are independent, assertive and your freedom is the most important to you. Wearing your Crystals is a reminder that you are strong, brave and free!

Sapphire Jewellery

Crystal PropertiesCreativity, Friendship, Happiness, Imagination. Inner Peace, Inspiration, Lifts Depression, Love, Serenity, Uplifts.

Affirmation: I am Perfectionist, Dedicated, Honest

Sapphire believed to bring peace, joy and enlightenment to its wearer. Sapphire, in the past it was regarded as being a talisman that would protect against negative energies. Wear your birthstone to remind you of your hopes, but also to remind you that you are always enough.
While Ocean blue Sapphires are one of the colours most sought-after, there are a fascinating variety of colours available, include Pink, Yellow, Clear, and varying tones of Blue. Red Ruby also belongs to the Sapphire family.
Sapphire said to assist with love, friendships, connections, brings positive influences. A good sleep aid and assists with upliftment from worry. Wear your Sapphire jewellery for peace of mind, insight and motivation.

Birthstone Jewellery featuring precious gemstones creates a timeless and very personal way of being inspired by your crystal jewellery. Holding onto your piece of Sapphire Jewellery each day will positively affect how you feel. It will bring you self belief as well as inspiring and encouraging you.

Whether you buy it for yourself or give it as a gift, wear your Jewellery to bring you enjoyment every day, give yourself a moment of mindfulness, calm and focus. Buy your Sapphire Jewellery or buy a commission piece from our shop.

Colours: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Clear, Green.

Chakras: Third eye, Throat

October/Libra: September 23rd – October 22nd

The zodiac sign of Libra, the symbol, is a set of balancing scales. Those born under Libra have a steady ethical compass and want to achieve balance, harmony in their lives and the world around them. They are greatly moved by the arts and possess a great appreciation for music. You are a loyal friend whose friendships mean the world to you. Carry Opal as a reminder that they are always with you. As a Libra, you love balance and can find change daunting. Wearing your Birthstone Jewellery remind you that change is a good thing and that out of change can come great new adventures.



Opal Jewellery

Crystal PropertiesCreativity, Luck, Love, Protection, Communication, Joy, Strength, Intuition. 

Affirmation: I am Balanced, Friendly, Affectionate

Libra is sociable and can get along with people that others might find challenging. Opal will bring protection, linked with emotions, including love, passion, increased inspiration, healing, creativity and Luck.

It can vary in several colours and unique variations that you will discover in our shop.
Opal has been a valued crystal from around the world from the beginning of time. Symbol of hope and purity.

All varieties of Opal jewellery loved for their radiance, opalescence, is usually a pale milky blue, it can occur in the rarer colours of Black and Wello Opal with the glistening spectrum of colours, and every Opal has sparked our imagination.

Some opals appear to harbour a galaxy of exciting colours that catch the sparkling light. You’ll see no other crystal that can match Opal for its display of glistening colours.
Birthstones create a timeless and very personal way of being inspired by your crystal jewellery. While holding onto your piece of Opal Jewellery will positively affect how you feel daily. It will bring you self belief as well as motivating and encouraging you.
Gemstone Jewellery will give you a lasting and powerful personal reminder of your birthstone.

Whether you buy it for yourself or give it as a gift, wearing your gemstone Jewellery to bring you joy each day, the healing benefits of Opal when you are wearing it will bring you a moment of mindfulness, calm and focus.
Buy your beautiful Opal jewellery or buy a commission order from our shop.

Varieties of Opal are Black Opal, Common Opal, White Opal, Wello Opal, Lavender Opal, Blue Opal, Pink Opal, Dendritic Opal. Australian Boulder Opal and fire opal. Buy Jewellery with these Opal varieties from our shop.

Colours: White, Blue, Green, Fire Opal, Black, Yellow/Gold, Pink, Grey.

Chakras: Root to the Crown.

November/Scorpio: October 23rd – November 21st 

The zodiac sign of Scorpio is the symbol of the Scorpion. Those born under Scorpio are larger than life, with a burning passion for life and love. Natural risk-takers always land on their feet and can succeed in any barrier life throws at them. Original entrepreneurs are naturally passionate, enjoy a lively debate and love very deeply, and you like to let people know how much they mean to you.

You love to give Jewellery as a gift, just as much as you’d love to receive it. You are the life and soul of the party, charismatic, your laughter is infectious, and everyone loves to be around a Scorpio! Wear your Birthstone to remind you of the personality you have become, admire the destiny of your birth sign and the world you have created for yourself. November is lucky to choose from two beautiful gemstones Topaz and Citrine.

Affirmation: I am Passionate, Charismatic, Caring.

Birthstones create a timeless and very individual way of being inspired by your gemstone jewellery that uplifts us. Holding onto your piece of Topaz or Citrine Jewellery each day will positively affect how you feel. It will bring you self confidence as well as inspiring and encouraging you.

Buy your Birthstone Jewellery to give you a lasting and powerful personal reminder of your gemstone healing energy. Buy it for yourself or give it as a gift, wearing handmade gemstone Jewellery to bring you enjoyment every day. Take hold of your jewellery while you’re wearing it to give yourself a moment of mindfulness, calm and focus. Buy or commission your handmade gemstone jewellery from our shop for your Topaz or Citrine Jewellery.

November has two Crystals – Citrine and Topaz:


Citrine Jewellery

Citrine Crystal PropertiesExpelling Negativity, Confidence, Endurance, Energy, Inner Peace, Intellect, Confidence. Prosperity, Relationships, Calming.

November Birthstones are Topaz and Citrine. Citrine energy with varied yellow shades is excellent for citrine rings, earrings or pendants.
Citrine is a brilliant gemstone with a beautiful golden yellow colour, recognised as the sunshine crystal and the perfect gem to brighten your day. Wearing Citrine Jewellery is like taking a piece of sunshine with you every day.

Citrine’s a powerful energy cleanser and regenerator. It carries the properties of self-healing, inspiration and self-improvement.
Providing the power of the sun is excellent for overcoming depression, fears and phobias. It supports those with low self-confidence, and wearing Citrine, your insight of self becomes happier. It will assist you to look ahead to the future with courage, moving with the issue rather than sticking to the past. Mentally, it awakens the higher consciousness improving the clarity of thought, improving inner calm.

Colours: Pale Yellow to Golden Yellow.

Chakras: Solar Plexus.

November: Topaz


Topaz Jewellery

Topaz Crystal Properties: Expelling Negativity, Calming, Creativity, Energy, Intellect, Stress Relief, Protection.

The Topaz birthstone is of love, friendship, been said to aid unselfishness and temperament.
It has many colours, So, having Topaz in your jewellery makes a standout bonus to your collection. This gemstone benefits you with being more carefree, as the Scorpion has disturbed times with maintaining relationships when loyalty and external disputes get confused.

Wearing Topaz draws out the confusion of disagreements helping you have a clearer understanding.
Topaz is one of the most distinctive of Mother Nature’s possessions, a colour palette of golden imperial yellows, pinks, blues and white, something for everyone. Find your perfect Topaz piece in our Jewellery Dreams shop.
This gemstone assists with anxiety and calms the nerves, which will benefit in attaining a long peaceful sleep. Improves psychic ability and soothes mind, body and soul.

Colours: Blue, Pinks, Pale Yellows, Clear and White.

Chakras: Throat, Heart, Solar and Crown.

December/Sagittarius: November 22nd-December 21st

Affirmation: I am Optimistic, Truthful, Fun-Loving.

The zodiac sign of Sagittarius is the symbol of the Centaur that carries a bow and arrow. They are natural philosophers with unsatisfied areas of exploring. This sign loves the privilege to wander, but their loyal personality always has them returning home again.

Influence by characters who are comfortable staying in their routines or accepting things without considering other possibilities. They find peace and harmony in seeking spiritual understanding, attempting to understand the “why”s behind everything.

Jewellery featuring birthstones to create a timeless and very personal way of being inspired by your crystal jewellery and Holding onto your piece of Turquoise, Tanzanite or Zircon, Jewellery each day will positively affect how you feel. It will bring you self belief as well as inspiring and encouraging you.

Buying Birthstone Jewellery gives you a lasting and powerful personal reminder of your healing. Whether you buy it for yourself or give it as a gift, wear your Jewellery to bring you enjoyment every day. Take hold of your jewellery when you are wearing it to give yourself a moment of mindfulness, calm and focus. Buy or commission your handmade gemstone jewellery from our shop for your Turquoise, Tanzanite or Zircon pieces.

December is the Lucky month to have three wonderful Crystals to choose from.

Tanzanite, Turquoise and Zircon:

Tanzanite Jewellery

Crystal PropertiesConfidence, Intuition, Creativity, Communication, Healing, Spirituality.

Tanzanite was discovered less than 50 years ago and only found in one section of the earth, fast became one of the most inspired and most desired gemstones of current times. One of the most valued rare gemstones with beautiful blue hues and named the new birthstone of December.

Handmade Tanzanite jewellery is an elegant and exclusive choice for a birthstone gift for yourself or a loved one. Whether it’s a handmade designed ring, pair of earrings, bracelet or a pendant, you can’t go wrong with choosing beautiful Tanzanite in your life.

These deep blue crystals can assist with awakening your psychic abilities and emotions. The benefits that tanzanite properties offer is at the heart of its healing purpose. The calming, soothing vibrations of this gorgeous blue crystal provide you with a natural smooth awakening.

Tanzanite belongs to the zoisite gemstone family that gently unlocks the pathway between the mind, body and soul connection assisting in revealing specific truths. Its healing ability encourages you to become kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and includes a pathway to awareness.
Tanzanites have high vibrational energies with a gentle connection to the angelic realms, your spirit guides and higher light realms. The Energy of this stone is very protective, useful when aiding with spiritual healing. The shifting of raising your level of awareness is more natural with Tanzanite crystals.

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Colours: Violet Blue. 

Chakras: Throat & Brow

December: Turquoise

Turquoise Jewellery

Crystal Properties: Eloquence, Friendship, Insight, Intellect, Intuition. Communication, Release, Healing.

Turquoise is the 2nd birthstone for December and the gift given for the fifth and eleventh wedding anniversaries. For the ancient Egyptians, Turquoise has been recognised throughout the world and has been in great demand and was one of the first gemstones ever mined, possibly dating back to 6000 BC, in Egypt.’
Turquoise is admired for its elegant variety of colours from ocean blue, sky blue, greenish-blue to pale green this depends on the amounts of iron and copper within it. Like other gems, the vibrant colour varieties are the most sought after.
Turquoise is good to use when removing and clearing old behaviours that no longer serve us in growth, such as self-sabotage and self-harming.
Turquoise assists with communication skills, protection from negative energies, improve the growth of intuition, individual awareness and grants insight into your spiritual life purpose and beauty.

Colours: Turquoise Blue and green.

Chakra: Throat.

December: Zircon

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Zircon Jewellery

Crystal Properties: Clarity, Spirituality, Understanding.

The birthstones of December also include Zircon.

Zircon is one of the oldest minerals and comes from in the crust of the Earth. It occurs as a natural assistant mineral in volcanic rocks, and it has been around for thousands of years.

Zircon is a crystal that used as a protective stone for hundreds of years. The colour of this stone varies, from colourless, Deep red, reddish-brown, brown, grey, blue, golden yellow and orange. Clear Zircon is often confused with cubic zirconia (the laboratory-grown imitation diamond) because of its similar name. As such, many people are uninformed of the existence of this natural, beautiful stone.

Zircon empowers its wearer to experience life with a renewed sense of passion and joy, sharing that joy with others.

Its believed to help you sleep and to bring you prosperity, confidence and wisdom. Zircon believed in assisting you in self-love as it opens up the heart and brings compassion. 

Zircon is a grounding stone that inspires, motivates and produces guidance when guidance is needed therefore serving to achieve one’s goals. Its also known to bring success, especially with other gemstones that contain golden or yellow colours. Zircon can aid you to move on after a broken relationship, enhancing your appeal when finding new love.

This stone is said to gain clarity. Aids in teaching and relieve insomnia, and it is known as a general healing stone. 

*Caution: People who have Epilepsy or wear a pacemaker should not wear Zircon for long periods, as it may produce dizziness.

Colours: Clear, Brown, Colourless, Grey, Green, Red, Yellow.

Chakras: Root, Crown, Solar and Heart, depending on the colour of the gemstone.