Information on Hallmarks

Hallmarks are a crucial component of handmade bespoke silver jewellery. It is a legal requirement to have a hallmark applied by an Assay office to any silver jewellery piece weighing more than 7.78 grams. The hallmark adds value to the piece and ensures the authenticity of the sterling silver used, but it comes with additional costs for the customer.

As a member of the London Assay Office, I have an official assay mark that includes my initials, JMAA, the lion symbol for London, 925 for sterling silver, and a letter for the year of make. Every year, the last letter changes. The hallmark will be very small when applied to the piece.

Only qualified Assay officers are allowed to use hallmarks. The London Assay Office charges a fee ranging from £9.00 to £29.95 for applying hallmarks, with additional costs for postage and VAT that are also added to the invoice.

Below is my hallmark held at the London Assay Office, and this is the mark applied to the handmade silver jewellery I create.