Black Gemstones


Are you looking for a colour that gives you protection from emotional stress? Look no further than black! This powerful colour has many meanings, from signifying fertility in some societies to implying wisdom in others. Black also has healing powers, helping to relieve pain and the side effects of invasive treatments like X-rays or chemotherapy. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by negative influences, black can help dismiss sorrow and guilt and recognize what can’t be changed. And if you’re looking to block negativity and protect yourself psychically, black is the colour for you!

But that’s not all black has to offer. It also gives the feeling of perspective and depth, making it a great contrast to bright colours like red and orange. However, it’s good to use black in combination with other colours rather than by itself. That’s why we offer a variety of black gemstones that match your clothes and other accessories. We also have mixed black with other coloured gemstones to add some contrast.

From Black Onyx to Pearls, we have a wide selection of black gemstone jewellery in stock at Jewellery Dreams. If you’re looking for healing black gemstone jewellery, we recommend choosing a gemstone that resonates with your root chakra, this is first primary chakra is at the base of your spine and is associated with black colours.
The black gemstones we have are- Black Onyx, Black Spinel, Black Drusy, Black Obsidian, Black Agate, Metallic Haematite, Black Pearls and Black Shell Pearls.

Whether you’re looking for pain relief or psychic protection, our selection of black gemstone jewellery has something for everyone. So why wait? Choose your healing black gemstone jewellery gift today and start feeling better tomorrow!

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