Brown gemstone Jewellery


Wearing brown in warm, comforting, soulful and stunning Jewellery that have a variety of brown contrasting hues, wearing a pendant, ring or earrings with brown colour gemstones gives a feeling of grounding, stabilizing and calming. They also work well with many other colours, there are varies of brown gemstones that have a stunning hue and include a mesmerizing feel-good value.

Brown is comforting and supportive, Aiding and easing of the pain of physical and emotional situations. The luxury coffee and mocha colours of brown gemstones have a real earthy outdoor feel to them. The colour brown gives us a connection with the Earth.

Brown Gemstone Meanings:
Practical matters, security, the gradual growth of money, learning new skills in later years. The home, property, financial institutions, older people, animals. finding what’s lost or stolen, perseverance, patience.
Healing Powers:
Feet, legs, bowels, hernia, prostate, all chronic conditions. Relief of chronic pain, growths, degenerate conditions in the old and panic attacks.
Antidote colour; Green.

Examples of Brown Gemstones:
Smoky Quartz, Tigers Eye, Agate, Andalusite, Andesine, Zebra Jasper, Shell Pearls, Pearls, Coffee Striped Agate Bronzite, Brown Sardonyx, Brown Tourmaline, Imperial Topaz, Carnelian, Cognac Quartz, Pyrite, Pietersite (Rare) Golden Obsidian, Amber, Beer Quartz, Garnet, Agate, Bronzite, Mookite, Zircon, Fossil Agate and Jasper. These are all stunning Gemstones in shades of Brown.

Chakra: Root. Grounding and Security.

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