October Birthstones: Opal & Tourmaline, Libra: September 23 – October 22

Libra: Opal & Tourmaline September 23 – October 22

This mystical stone has the ability to absorb bad energy from those around you. Libra has an affable nature and can get along with people that others might judge difficulty. A little protection from your own bad judgment can go a long way.

Opals: Said to be stones of hope and bringers of the virtues of innocence and purity. Opals stimulate healing and increase friendship and healthy emotions.
Dozens of opal varieties exist. But only a few (like Fire Opal and Boulder Opal) are universally recognised. Opals are often referred to by their background “body colour” black or white.

The water content of opal can range from 3 to 21 per cent – usually between 6 and 10 in gem-quality material. This combined with a hardness of only 5.5 to 6 on the Mohs scale. Makes opal a delicate gemstone.

Wearing opal is well worth the extra care, though. For centuries, people have associated this gem with good luck. Though some recent superstitions claim that opals can be bad luck to anyone not born in October. This birthstone remains a popular choice.

Tourmaline. This stone said to provide balance, protection, calmness. Gives self-confidence and exuberance to the wearer. Known to be good for meditation. Draws inspiration, goodwill and friendship. Sad to protect the wearer against misfortune. Known for grounding high-frequency energies into the physicality.

Chakra: Crown

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