Junes Birthstone's: Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone, Gemini: May 21 – June 21

Gemini: Pearl May 21 – June 21

Inside the closed-shell is an irritating piece of sand inside an oyster. Out of a nuisance hidden in that shell, a wonderful creation is taking place, where a sphere of a single Pearl is being formed a pure beauty. When the Twin, Gemini wears pearls, the ease at being two people in one fills you with a sense of calm.

June is one of only two months that has three birthstones associated with it. The lucky people born in June have three choices of gemstones. Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone.
Alexandrite is a very rare and expensive gemstone to buy. I do not keep this in my collection of gemstones. But I can source this gemstone for you. You will need to put down a large deposit for this as it’s very expensive. The gemstone price also depends upon the size and the weight.

Pearls, natural or cultured, are formed when a mollusc produces layers of nacre around some type of irritant inside its shell. In natural pearls, the irritant may be another organism from the water. In cultured pearls, a mother-of-pearl bead or a piece of tissue is inserted (by man) into the mollusc to start the process.

For both, the quality of the nacre dictates the quality of the lustre, or shine of the pearl, which is very important to its beauty and its value. The surface of the pearl should be smooth and free of marks while the overall shape could be round, oval, pear-shaped, or even misshapen. Misshapen pearls are called baroque pearls.

Cultured Pearls
Cultured pearls are grown in pearl farms. The molluscs are raised until they are old enough to accept the mother-of-pearl bead nucleus. A technician implants the bead, then the molluscs produce nacre around the bead and then the molluscs are returned to the water and cared for while the pearl forms.

Pearls can be found in saltwater and in freshwater. There are also different types of molluscs that produce very different looking pearls.

Saltwater Pearls
Saltwater pearls include the Akoya cultured pearls grown in Japanese and Chinese waters. They range in size from 2mm (tiny) to 10mm (rare) and are usually white or cream in colour and round in shape.
Tahitian pearls are interestingly not exclusively from Tahiti – they’re grown in several of the islands of French Polynesia, including Tahiti. Their typical sizes range from 8mm to 16mm. These naturally coloured pearls are collectively called black pearls, but their colours include grey, blue, green, and purple.

Freshwater Pearls
These pearls are grown in freshwater lakes, rivers, and ponds, predominately in China. Although many are white and resemble the Akoya cultured pearls in shape and size, they can also be produced in various shapes and in an array of pastel colour.

Pearls said to give assurance and remove tension.
They are a symbol of success, happiness and love.
Gemstone Properties: Confidence, Love, Prosperity, Success, Calming.

Primary Chakra: Crown
Colours: White.
Mohs Scale: 2-3
Astrological Sign: Gemini and Cancer. Gifted on 1st, 3rd, 12th and 30th wedding anniversaries.

Moonstone associated with the Moon. A stone of intuition and insight. It helps to connect all the different cycles one experiences in life. Moonstone helps to balance the emotional body. Especially any aggressive tendencies in males or females. Many people find Moonstone to be very soothing and use it to help relieve stress.
Working with the Sacral, Third-Eye and Crown Chakras. Moonstone connects us to Divine Inspiration and channels it into our own intuition.

Moonstone used to protect those who travel on or by water.
Gemstone Properties: Balancing, Calming, Happiness, Inner Peace, Inspiration, Love, Relationships, Self-Love, Serenity.

Physical, Moonstone can promote conception by aiding all aspects of the reproductive system. Moonstone is also known to help with the digestive system. Including the liver, and can aid in the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals. Many women like Moonstone for its ability to balance hormonal and menstrual cycles.

Primary Chakra: Sacral.
Secondary Chakra: Crown, Third-Eye.
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Mohs Scale: 6-6.5.
Colour: Clear, Iridescent, White, Peach, Tan.

Alexandrite: Is a variety of Chrysoberyl. Natural green in colour, Alexandrite will change to red in artificial light. It is a true rare gemstone. That intensifies dreams and brings luck in love. The energy of Alexandrite will enhance the manifestation process. (both the clarity needed and the actualization of).

Alexandrite regarded as having regenerative powers. It is a stone of courage, allowing one to face change with no fears. It assists in centring the self, reinforcing self-esteem. Enhancing the ability to experience joy and beauty.

Physical: Alexandrite you can use to reduce inflammation. ease tension/stress, and work with the pulmonary and circulatory systems. Alexandrite also helps with inner-ear problems and helps to ease motion sickness. It also said to relieve symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.
Gemstone Properties: Growth, Passion, Power, Prosperity, Self-Expression, Success.

Primary Chakra: Heart
Secondary Chakra: Root, Third-Eye.
Astrological Sign: Gemini, Scorpio
Mohs Scale: 8.5.
Colour: Green, Red
Rarity: Rare
Affirmation: I see with clarity.

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