Purple Gemstone Jewellery


The Purple colour of gemstones is one that will attract people’s attention. They are magically supporting with self-esteem, high hopes and peace.
There are lots of healing properties in purple gemstones bringing specific thoughts, mastering depression, renewed energy, gives brilliant ideas, supports creativity, calming and enhances intuition.

The colour purple signifies power, spiritual goals, passion, guidance, respect, prosperity. It is soothing, stimulating and calming. It also symbolizes psychic ability, success, balance and self-confidence. Purple is a symbol of royalty.

It’s proposed that wearing Purple gemstone jewellery will restore a person’s perception while stimulating creativity and inner strength. Purple also magnifies creative talents and wisdom.

Chakra: Crown.

Purple Gemstones: Amethyst, Opal, Spinel, Lilac Amethyst, Tourmaline, Sugilite, Charolite, Agate, Fluorite, Pearls, Ametrine, Lepidolite, Marcasite.

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