Well-being & Chakra Jewellery

Coloured Crystals can be used for the chakra of that colour for healing your mind, body and Soul, with Love. Gemstone Jewellery to assist with your own personal healing or for someone special in your life.
On each page amongst the Jewellery descriptions, it will tell you which chakra the gemstones are suitable for.
I invite you to read about the chakras on the Reiki Info page.

The Chakras are the seven major energy centres in the body which everyone has. Each one of the Chakras represents a colour and the healthy function of the organs of the internal body. When a Chakra is out of balance you will feel this by feeling unease or unwell.
When you wear Jewellery made from colourful gemstones in one of these colours or in all the colours of the seven chakras it helps us to re-balance them and assisting us to feel better.

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