Buying a Gift Card

Sometimes buying gifts for your loved ones can be difficult but buying them a gift card is a convenient and easy way for you to send and as close to cash as you can get without giving them money.
Gift cards are popular because they make the gift-buying process easy and guilt-free.
They can buy their choice piece of Jewellery from our shop with their gift card or for a custom design to be made for them.

With Gift Cards you have a choice of prices that start at £10.00 up to £100.00, you can have a special message printed onto their card to declare your good wishes this will be delivered by email and sent to you or the email of your choice. The sum must be received before you can download the gift card each gift card will have a unique code for you to use at checkout.

A good wishes note from you is written on the gift card this can be anything you want it to say for a special event for a birthday, a thank you, a Silver Christening gift, Anniversary gift, Valentine’s gift, Mother’s Day Gift, or a Christmas Gift, all sent with Love from you.

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