Sparkly Clear Quartz Bracelet


Clear Quartz is a versatile gemstone with numerous benefits. It has been used by ancient priests, shamans, and healers as a guiding stone. It is believed to include the ability to heal various conditions due to its high energy vibrations. If you want to boost your physical strength and mental awareness, you may want to consider wearing a Clear Quartz jewellery piece. This lovely Clear Quartz Bracelet features sterling silver and Quartz.

Gemstone Properties: Protection, Healing, Energising, Confidence, Clarity, Calming, Pain, Uplifting. 

Brilliant Clear Quartz Bracelet, lovingly handmade with sterling silver and clear Quartz plain roundels and faceted bicones finished with a secure Sterling Silver bolt clasp, beautifully arranged to flatter your wrist. 

  • Gemstones: Clear Quartz 8×6 mm Roundels, faceted 6×8 mm Bicone beads & faceted 4mm rounds.
  • Metals: Sterling Silver Clasp & jump rings.
  • Mohs Scale: 7
  • Length: 8 inches, will fit a 7-7½ wrist.
  • Birthstone: Aries/April
  • Chakra: Crown.
  • Affirmation: I Breathe in Calmness, I Breathe out Stress.

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Are you aware that Quartz crystals can contribute positively to your overall well-being? Clear Quartz, in particular, is understood to be a master healing crystal and is perfect to wear when you’re feeling stressed or unhappy at work. It can help transform negative emotions into positive ones, allowing you to keep moving forward on your journey to success and abundance.

Clear Quartz crystals are renowned for cleansing and calming your psychic and physical conditions. By including them in your healing routine, you can shift your mindset to a more positive and open one. Using positive affirmations while holding your Quartz can amplify its effects even further.

Interestingly, it’s believed that when you wear a Clear Quartz, the stone absorbs any positive energy from you and takes it as its own. In fact, in the past, wearing jewellery made of Clear Quartz was considered a sign of royalty.

Additional information

Quartz Bracelet 7-7½ inches

If you would like a different size of bracelet to fit you, it can be altered to your size.


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