Authencity Certificates


Order your Complimentary Certificate of Authenticity with your purchase. These will hold all the information about the gemstones that are in your Jewellery.



When you have bought Jewellery from Jewellery Dreams you will also receive one of these Authenticity Certificates.

This will supply you with all the genuine gemstone information.

  • Date of buying the Jewellery
  • Gemstone Carat weight
  • Country Origin and type of gemstones in the jewellery
  • Shape and Cut of the gemstones used
  • Metals used Sterling Silver

The certificates only relate to your genuine gemstone Jewellery, each one is unique and will be linked up to your purchase, these are complementary with any of Jewellery Dreams jewellery product bought. The picture of the certificate has the front and back views and this is a sample, you will receive the real thing with your Jewellery.

You will be able to use the certificate to have your Jewellery Valued at any jewellers.



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