Black Drusy Sparkle Silver Earrings


Drusy Crystals are most beautiful which has a pleasing sparkle featured in this gorgeous Black Drusy 3 stone pendant. It will guide you to find your inner self and be at peace and harmony with it. It will give you the calm that you need to dissolve the stress and anxieties of everyday life.

It will assist with depression and it will help you in maintaining a strong and healthy relationship with the people you love.

Crystal Meanings: Calming, Reduce Stress,  Anxiety, Prosperity, Self-confidence.

  • Crystals: Black Drusy Rounds- 9×9mm 7 Black Onyx faceted rounds-6mm.
  • Metals: Sterling Silver earrings.
  • Earrings Length: 2½ inches.
  • Mohs Scale: 7
  • Chakras: Root/Base.
  • Matching Pendant

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The Stone of Star Dust or Fairy Dust. Drusy is like hundreds of tiny dustings of diamond crystals of various colours scattered on the face of a gemstone. It is believed to have magical properties that bring happiness and peace to the wearer.

Drusy or druzy is the geological term for quartz formed over a million years of crystallization through dissolved silica forced into porous areas of rocks by groundwater causing its rapid cooling which then forms into tiny crystals on the surfaces or in the cavities of the rocks. The word ”druse” also refers to rock space.

These crystals often form on previously deposited minerals, and depending on this phenomenon, they can be of various colours like rainbow, white, pink, blue, purple, green, or black. They are basically formed in places where water gets collected, mostly on rocks and later evaporate. They are mostly found along river beds and shorelines.


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