Bluebells Chalcedony Earrings


Finely detailed Chalcedony filigree handmade pendant rests smoothly against the breastbone, hand-crafted to a standard of perfection.
Calming Chalcedony is noted for elevating a sense of peace and joy. It’s a member of the Quartz family and Chalcedony gives out matching properties, like, healing, balancing, drives negativity away and boost your positive emotions

Chalcedony, Blue Gemstone Properties: Calm, Communication, Service

  • Gemstones: Chalcedony, 4mm roundel stones for the Earrings.
  • Colours: Dreamy Sky Blue.
  • Metals: Sterling Silver Flower Earring Hooks and 4mm roundel beads.
  • Matching Pendant
  • Length: 1½ inches
  • Primary Chakras: Throat, Third Eye
  • Affirmation: I am filled with creativity and optimism.
  • Mohs Scale: 7.
  • Astrological signs: Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius

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Chalcedony an impressive gemstone, the colour is a dreamy blue. All Chalcedonies are thought to consume negativity and promote helpful emotions, but Blue Chalcedony is often worn as a necklace during public speaking. Working with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras its believed to serve a cheerful vibe from a speaker to their audience. Blue Chalcedony can be used when facilitating a telepathic connection as well as interaction with other realms.

Carry Blue Chalcedony when you require a release from depression or need to boost your immune system. Blue Chalcedony has a special connection with the Angelic Realm. Aids to improve creativity in any form. Brings a sense of kindness to the holder, allowing more pleasure into a life centred around service to others. Soothing, calming Chalcedony is noted for raising a sense of peace and joy. As a member of the Quartz family, it carries related properties, such as cleansing, healing, and balancing. Chalcedony helps to relieve one of the negative emotions, bringing a greater sense of overall happiness into one’s life.


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