Circle Of Life Black Onyx Earrings


Black Onyx Properties: Intuition, Focus, Balance, Positivity, Change, Protection, Strength, Calming, Dispel or Release Negativity, Soothing Divine Will, Grounding and Good Fortune.

Black Onyx Earrings add an eye-catching sparkle and the perfect piece for any outfit. A calming stone that feels nice next to the skin.

Wear Onyx Jewellery to calm your nerves. Great powers of protection and grounding energies if worn as jewellery as an antidote to the fast pace of modern life. Onyx Jewellery also protects against all the negative energy of people, releasing mental stress and improves emotional well-being.  Wearing or using Onyx regularly will assist you in achieving a positive outlook, increasing energy levels and having the determination to succeed. Onyx banishes grief and stimulates the power of wise decision-making. It encourages satisfaction and good fortune.

  • Crystals: Black Onyx 8mm & 6mm rounds.
  • Metals: Sterling Silver circle jump rings, Sterling silver Earring Hooks.
  • Earrings Length: 1½ inches with black onyx.
  • Matching Pendant
  • Birthstone: Leo/July
  • Mohs scale: 7
  • Chakras: Root/Base

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Onyx is an excellent stone for releasing negative emotions such as sorrow and grief,  brings good fortune and helps in recognizing personal strength. This black coloured stone helps in relaxation and in facing various challenges in life, especially if one suffers from a lack of life energy and exhaustion.

It harmonizes the physical with the spiritual and helps alleviate fears and worries as well as during periods of strong overwhelming emotions. This mineral assists us in our efforts to be balanced and in maintaining a positive outlook at our life and environment. Onyx increases concentration and devotion, relieves tension, especially in marital life.

On the physical level in the crystal-healing, onyx is a good stone for assisting in healing wounds, and during times of childbirth. It can be used in treating eye and ear problems and in cellular regeneration. It strengthens the structural systems of the bones and teeth, hair, skin and nails. It boosts general endurance and self-control. This is very good for grounding and protection, as well as in elimination and control of excess energy.

Onyx can be Cleansed and discharged under running water, twice a month. This stone can be charged together with rock crystal. Black onyx can be charged overnight if left in a flower pot outside in the moonlight where it gains additional strength.


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