Clear AAA+ Quartz Pear Drop Sterling Silver Pendant


This exquisite pendant showcases a single, dazzling AAA+ grade clear quartz that radiates with a brilliant sparkle. The pear-shaped quartz is elegantly cradled in a sterling silver claw setting, imparting a captivating brilliance and understated sophistication. Whether you wear this pendant in a professional office setting or out for a night on the town, it effortlessly complements your style with a touch of elegance.

Clear quartz possesses a myriad of remarkable properties and applications. It is a magnet for light and energy, serving as a potent all-around healer that operates on numerous levels. Its abilities include strengthening, cleansing, and protecting, making it a versatile gem that promotes well-being and balance in various aspects of life. Embrace the holistic benefits and beauty of this stunning clear quartz pendant, adding both radiance and positive energy to your everyday experiences.

Gemstone Properties: Cleansing, Purification, Healing, Enhancing, Amplification, Cleansing, Concentration, Energy, Grounding, Insight, Intuition, Meditation, Spirituality, Calming.

  • Gemstone: Clear Quartz Faceted Pear cut, AAA+ Quality 10×15 mm.
  • Shape: Faceted Pear Drop. Collectors cut stone.
  • Mohs Scale: 7
  • Style: Pendant Necklace.
  • Colour: Clear.
  • Metals: Sterling Silver setting and round ball link Chain.
  • Length: 20-inch chain, plus 1-inch pendant.
  • Matching Earrings
  • Chakra: Crown.

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Clear Quartz is considered the most versatile healing stone among all crystals. It’s one of the most powerful healing stones in the crystal kingdom, with the ability to work on any condition. Clear Quartz is commonly known as the stone of power, and it amplifies any energy or intention. Moreover, it is believed to protect against negativity, attune to one’s higher self, and relieve pain.

 This stone can assist the wearer to think intuitively and amplify and transmit subtle vibrations. The symbol of elemental wholeness contains the four elements. Its most significant element is enabling your ability to meditate at a deeper level and free your mind from mundane and trivial matters.

Clear Quartz can be programmed with your intention and kept in a central place to emit its helpful energies. Furthermore, it is often used to cleanse, open, activate, and align all the chakras. Since Clear Quartz absorbs energy effortlessly, it is significant to clear these stones regularly.


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