Gold & Silver Diamond Swirl


A Diamond is a symbol of wealth, accumulation and the manifestation of abundance. It is also an ideal stone for a person who has given up on material wealth, choosing it instead as an object for diligent contemplation and deep meditation. The fact it must be cut to reveal its beauty compares to the inner, spiritual beauty of the human being.

Diamond Gemstone Properties: Banishing Negativity, Career, Accomplishment, Confidence, Prosperity.

  • Made with small diamond settings within this pendant, gold plated, 925 sterling silver necklace chain.
  • Weight: 6 grammes.
  • Pendant Width: 26.90 mm
  • Pendant Length, including loop: 29.76 mm
  • Chain Length: 20 inches.
  • 9 x 1 mm Diamonds set into the Spiral design.
  • Mohs Hardness: 10.
  • 5.90g of sterling silver.
  • Matching Earrings:



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This sparkly pendant is made of 925 sterling silver gold plated and the 1 mm size diamonds within this stunning pendant are scattered throughout the design, giving it a wonderful sparkle and finished with a 20-inch sterling silver chain.

Diamonds are great conductors and amplifiers of energy, absorbing thoughts and feelings then radiating them outward. Remain positive while holding or wearing Diamonds to project empowering thoughts around you and attract a positive reaction from others. They can be useful in the workplace for a congenial atmosphere, or for expanding the field of opportunities in attracting prosperity. Be aware, however, Diamonds increase negative energies as well as positive, and while they never need recharging, it is a good idea to cleanse their energies from time to time.

This stone is said to impart prosperity in business, give a sense of well-being, and improve the senses of the wearer. Reported to be a master healer an extremely powerful stone in the removing blockages and all emotional negativity.


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