Enchanted Sterling Silver Teal Pearl Earrings


Sophisticated Pearls,  Features a single Teal coloured Pearl and small Clear quartz for these luxury Earrings. They will look great when worn for the classiest of affairs, it adds the proper touch of elegance to your finest evening wear and a sense of fun chic to the simplest outfit of Jeans and T-Shirt. Pair this with the matching Pendant, easy to find by clicking on the link below.

In the Japanese culture, Pearls were always highly esteemed and often attributed as good luck charms with strong metaphysical properties. Pearls will stand the test of time.

They are indeed Divine; they are everlasting symbols of modesty, chastity, clarity, love, success, and luck.

Gemstone Properties: Purity, Honesty, Innocence, Integrity, Concentration, Focus, Meditation, Tranquillity, Wisdom.

  • Gemstone: Cultured Pearls and Clear Quartz
  • Colour: Teal Green
  • Metals: Sterling Silver Hook Earrings
  • Length: 1-inch drop
  • Chakras: Heart
  • Junes birthstone: Pearl/Gemini, Cancer.
  • Aprils Birthstone: Quartz
  • Matching Pendant
  • Pearl is the 30th Anniversary gemstone.
  • Colours: Teal.

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Pearls are made in the interior of the mussels and oysters when a hard substance (usually a piece of sand) enters their interior, followed by secretion of layers of nacre around the irritant. The end result is usually a unique Pearl of magnificent beauty.

Pearls symbolize the best in us — purity, honesty, wisdom, self-acceptance, and integrity. They add a touch of stateliness to our look and personality. Pearls represent a mirror with its own reflection. They give us a hint as to how we actually appear in the eyes of other people. Pearls come in a huge spectrum of colours: silvery-white, pinkish-red, golden, greyish silver, blue, green and black. They give off a characteristic waxy glow.

Some of the most attractive Pearls originate in the warm seas of the Pacific. The world’s largest Pearls producers are situated in Thailand, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, and California. The most famous cultivated freshwater Pearls come from Spain, China, and Thailand.

Pearls are unique in that they give off certain warmth and shine not seen in any other stone or crystal. They are very personal, which means that you should never borrow them. They love light, especially moonlight. They also enjoy the company of moonstones. Pearls belong to the element of water.


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