Honey Amber Sterling Silver Pendant


Gemstone Properties: Attraction, Banishing Negativity, Calming, Career Accomplishment, Good Luck, Lifts Depression, Optimism, Stress Relief.

  • Gemstone: Oval Amber Cabochon, 6.80 ct, 20 x 15mm.
  • Metals: 925 sterling silver framed Amber Oval Pendant and Sterling Silver Chain. 3.90g Silver weight
  • Length: 20 inches
  • Mohs Scale: 2
  • Matching Earrings

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Although Amber may look like a stone, Amber is actually a fossilised resin of trees. It is known to bring good luck and said to make the wearer magnetic ensuring the full enjoyment of the traits that make them appealing. It is claimed that Amber is effective for throat infections, bronchial disorders or asthma. Known as a calming stone, can absorb negative energy and helps the body to heal itself. Also used for making and breaking spells. Used as an aid for overcoming depression. Said to enhance career accomplishment, protect the chest, relieves worries and stress while imparting fresh optimism. Protects against radiations from equipment and machines.

Honey Amber oval cabochon from the Baltic in Poland, encased in a sterling silver frame, with a sterling silver rolo chain, 18inches long. Genuine Amber from the Baltic region of  Poland.


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