Jadeite with Quartz Sterling Silver Earrings


Jadeite Gemstone Properties: Banishing Negativity, Friendship, Good Luck, Prosperity, Success, Travel, Stability, Longevity.

Jadeite is a pale green gemstone. It’s said this stone instils kindness, goodwill and good luck on the wearer. Renowned as a talisman in many countries. It’s used as an amulet to ensure safe travel and to protect against risks and negative people. Also attracts friendships, promotes long life and encourages prosperity.
Jadeite is one of the toughest Jades and it is considered a good healing stone to have and to wear.
  • Gemstone: Green Jadeite plain simple rounds 8mm & 5mm & one 4mm faceted Quartz
  • Metals: Sterling Silver Earring Hooks.
  • Length: 1¼ Inches
  • Mohs Scale: 6.5 – 7
  • Primary Chakras: Heart, Root.
  • Astrological signs: Aries Pisces.
  • Matching Necklace.
  • Reiki Intervention

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When worn as a piece of jewellery. Jadeite thought to provide protection from one’s enemies. you can use it as a protection gem for long journeys. Also to attract good luck, for wisdom, for long life. Helps to control dream content or help you focus. It is used as a talisman to attract good fortune, friendship and loyalty.
Jadeite is the Rarer of the two jades, and as a result, it’s considered to be more precious and valuable. The most valuable form of jadeite is a striking and even emerald green known as “imperial jadeite”. The history of jadeite goes back several thousand years. When it was first used to make weapons and tools because of its toughness. In China, Jadeite considered being so precious that there is a Chinese saying that goes. “Gold is valuable; jade is priceless”. Jadeite thought to have health-strengthening properties and encourage longevity. Symbols of power and prosperity. In feng shui, Jadeite thought to influence prosperity and health. Jadeite thought to protect the wearer.
Jadeite is a stone of harmony. Bringing cohesiveness to group settings, whether family or business colleagues. It strengthens relationships and helps those recover from loss or separation. Like all Jade, Jadeite is a stone of prosperity and abundance. It will increase a slow business as well as a failing garden. Jadeite is especially helpful for teenagers and children who are shy. Lonely or dealing with changing hormones. Use Jade to increase the ability to interpret dreams as well as induce lucid dreaming.


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