Metallic Haematite Bracelet


Haematite Properties: Grounding, Balancing, Detoxifying, Self-Confidence, Positivity.

  • Gemstones: 8mm, 6mm plain rounds & 2mm roundel Haematite beads.
  • Metals: Sterling Silver.
  • Style: Handmade Haematite Bracelet.
  • Length: 8inches, will fit 7 to 7½ wrist size.
  • Colour: shiny metallic grey.
  • Chakras: Root.
  • Mohs scale: 5-6


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Hematite helps to absorb negative energy and it calms in times of stress or worry. A very protective stone and it is great to carry with you for staying grounded in many situations. Haematite is also good for working with the Root Chakra, helping to transform negative energies into a more positive vibration. Those in relationships can benefit from the cooperation vibe coming from Haematite.

Carry Hematite when in need of balance, grounding, or when having difficulty focusing energies. A bracelet is an easy item to carry with you. Hematite is also said to be useful in legal situations and is thought to strengthen self-confidence.

Physically, Haematite is also used to protect against stress and is said to be a great detoxifying stone, helpful for the liver and the blood.
Caution: Natural Hematite may contain a very slight magnetic charge. Please check with your doctor before working with this crystal if you wear a pacemaker. Items marketed as “Magnetic Hematite” are not actually Hematite at all and should be avoided by those wearing a pacemaker, this bracelet is the non-magnetic hematite type.


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