Sparkling Peridot Gift set


It is considered highly effective healing gemstone and is also worn to gain spiritual serenity, better communication skills, higher self-esteem and a healthy body.

Peridot is a prosperity gem it brings wealth, luck and abundance into your life, it will also aid you to manifest your goals and will ensure the constant flow of good fortune.

Wearing jewellery made of these beautiful green stones is recommended because it will keep its energies and vibrations close to your Heart Chakra.

Peridot Gemstone Properties: Healing, Protective, Comforting, Lucky.

  • Peridot Pendant handmade with two oval faceted stones set in sterling silver
  • Matching Peridot earrings
  • Materials: Sterling Silver,
  • Gemstones: Peridot
  • August Birthstone
  • Gift Box or Organizer gift bag.

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Handmade Pendant featuring top quality collectors cut gems with oval faceted Peridot, finished with an 18inch chain and a 2-inch pendant drop that falls at the breast line.

Intricate and precious Peridot is one of the most beautiful semi-precious stones that you will ever see. It’s pale lime green colour makes it a great stone for jewellery. Wearing Peridot earrings or necklaces will keep it close to your heart, third eye and crown chakras. Having Peridot anywhere on your body will be beneficial, so, make sure that you always keep it with you!


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