Garnet Bracelet


The Garnet crystal is the most celebrated worldwide and beloved red gemstone.

Its rich, crimson hue echoes the vivid shade of pomegranate seeds. It has incredible healing properties. This crystal infuses vitality and charisma into your life, inspiring you to welcome it fully.

It exerts a harmonizing power over creative energies, enabling balance within. Furthermore, Garnet extends its soothing embrace to relieve emotional stress, infusing a sense of devotion, courage, and tranquillity in its wearer.

In addition to these benefits, Garnet can uplift your spirits, fortify your Root chakras, and perform as a protective stone. Its gentle and comforting energy can open your heart to various forms of love, creating a profound connection within you.

Gemstone Properties: Charisma, Creativity, Lifts Depression, Success, Travel. Compassion, Crisis, Dignity, Honesty, Love, Loyalty, Relationships, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Willpower.

  • Gemstones: Red Garnet 4mm ideal simple rounds.
  • Colours: Deep Red. 
  • Mosh Scale: 6/7.5
  • Metals: Sterling Silver links, 6mm Clasp and Jump rings.
  • Chakra: Root is also good for the heart.
  • Bracelet Length: 7½ inches with 1-inch silver extender chain
  • (Studs can be changed to earring hooks).
  • Matching Necklace
  • Matching Earrings
  • Affirmation: I am loyal to myself and others







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Garnet, celebrated as the gemstone signifying Strength, Anxiety relief, and Protection, has fascinated me through this gorgeous sterling silver bracelet. The handcrafted bracelet showcases 4mm Garnet rounds intricately linked by sterling silver looped connections, creating a radiant Garnet Bracelet suitable for any occasion and an additional 1-inch length is provided by the open curb-style sterling silver extender chain, enhancing its adaptability. Additionally, three charming 4mm Garnet rounds improve the extender’s overall aesthetics, adding a delightful touch.

Yet, it’s the captivating energy of Garnet that fascinates me. This gemstone catalyzes inspiration, sparking fresh ideas and igniting creativity. It motivates the clearance of the past and assists in embracing future possibilities, providing a resourceful attitude to prepare for what lies ahead.
Beyond its imaginative influence, Garnet is a magnet for good fortune, directing in abundance and prosperity. It improves your insight and boosts positive results in financial and business decisions.

In matters of the heart, Garnet has a gentle, nurturing love, highlighting the value of the little things in relationships and strengthening loyalty to loved ones. Garnet can heal emotional hurts and defeat love-related fears, empowering people to become more self-reliant and independent.

Garnet, and all its brilliance, is a unique stone with many virtues. It restores the will to persevere during our darkest times, relieves worries, and restores calmness and balance. It summons the quality of kindness, gentleness, and warmth, harmonizing inventive energies and offering support to personal and professional endeavours. For those fighting with self-assertion, Garnet grants the confidence to take meaningful action and turn dreams into reality.


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