Swiss Blue Topaz Duo Pendant


Swiss Topaz, Blue double pendant Handmade

Gemstone Properties: Repels Negativity, Provides Emotional Support, Expression.

Swiss Blue Topaz has a stunning deep sea blue colour and carries all the attributes of Topaz, including providing emotional support, repelling negativity, and cultivating the knowledge that “all is as it should be”. Blue Topaz can enhance relaxation and has been used as a protective amulet against psychic attacks and household accidents.  Blue Topaz is also a great meditation aid, allowing for wisdom from the higher mind to be assimilated by physical self.  The vibrant energy of Blue Topaz makes is an excellent companion when one needs to see their place in the universe.

  • Gemstones: Blue Faceted Topaz.
  • Gems Grade: AAA+
  • Metals: Sterling Silver Chain, Claw settings and bails
  • Length 18inches chain with 1-inch Pendant
  • Matching Earrings
  • Matching Ring
  • Astrological signs: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Virgo
  • Mohs Scale: 8.
  • Chakras: Throat, Third Eye.

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Blue Topaz is related to the chakras of the Throat and Third-Eye and helps to attune to higher realms.  Blue Topaz aids in the expression of thoughts and feelings.  In addition, Blue Topaz is said to help you recognize your own truth, so you can see if you are indeed on your true path.  If you discover that you are off your purpose, Blue Topaz will gently remind you to forgive and let go, allowing you to joyfully re-emerge on your path with a newfound focus.

Physically, Blue Topaz aids in tissue regrowth. It eases throat/eye/ear problems and helps to alleviate menopausal symptoms, especially hot flashes.

Physical: Ear Infections and Pain, Eye Disorders and Infections, Hot Flashes, Menopause, Throat

Emotions: Abundance and Prosperity, Communication and Expression, Dispel or Release Negativity

Spiritual: Intention, Meditation

Affirmation: I am content in the knowledge that I am protected by the Universe.


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