Turquoise Waters Earrings


Wearing Turquoise jewellery will add a burst of colour to your outfits. It will bring a fresh brightness that will be welcoming any time of day. It will lift your spirits and lighten your emotions when you look good and feel the healing effects of its positive life-affirming vibes. The colour of a vacation paradise and its stunning waters, Turquoise is a beautiful reminder of your happy place, a spiritual lullaby to soothe any emotional storms that might blow through your world.

Attention-getting Turquoise sterling silver earrings swing naturally when your head gracefully moves.

Turquoise Gemstone Properties: Friendship, Insight, Intellect, Intuition, Communication, Release, Healing

  • Decembers Birthstone.
  • Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio
  • Style: Turquoise Earrings featuring oval beads size 15 mm x 12 mm and Sterling Silver Earring Hooks.
  • Earrings Length: From the base of earring hooks: 1.5inches/43mm.
  • Mohs Scale: 5/6.
  • Metals: Sterling Silver.
  • Chakra: Throat.
  • Affirmation: I speak my truth with ease.
  • Matching Necklace
  • Matching Bracelet.

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Turquoise oval Earrings set on sterling silver earring hooks, which are secured with wrapped loops.

Turquoise is not only beautiful and stylish. It’s also an excellent healing stone that can heal a full host of ailments in the body, heart, mind and soul. It will give you the relief that you require while at your lowest period giving you the inspiration and the reason to pick yourself up again. When you work with the energies of this stone you will be able to face your challenges, good or bad! This stone will improve your creativity so that you can find quick and practical answers to your problems. It will also give you the understanding and balance to accept specific facts about your life that you can no longer change. If love, peace, healing or harmony is what you’re looking for, you should never be without this stone.

Wearing Turquoise jewellery will add a burst of colour to your outfits. It will bring you a crisp brightness that will be welcoming any time of the day. It will boost your emotions when you look good and looking good is always a healing tonic to the heart so, make sure that you wear beautiful Turquoise jewellery all the time. This stone is a great reminder that you can still relax to achieve a peaceful state, even when you are enclosed by noise and disorder. Whether you are holding or wearing it, a turquoise gem is incredible at assisting you to unlock your confidence but all without being too cocky.

A good luck charm for health and abundance, use Turquoise to realign your energy centres, helping clear the path to higher consciousness.

Eye-catching and vibrant, Turquoise jewellery adds a pop of colour to your outfit, bringing a welcome brightness to a basic, everyday wardrobe. It also lifts the spirits and promotes well-being by energising all chakra centres. Look fabulous and heal the heart. That’s a 2-in-1-fashion statement we can get behind. If Turquoise has found its way into your life, it’s a sign that you’re in need of its healing powers. Like a multi-vitamin for your soul, the Turquoise crystal is a gem when it comes to giving you a charismatic glow that comes from a renewed sense of self-confidence. Meditate with the Turquoise healing properties and enter a peaceful state of relaxation when you dreamily float down its proverbial river of tranquillity.




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