Inspirational Words, Live, Laugh, Love Silver Charm Necklace


This Sterling Silver Beaded Charm Necklace is designed to add an emotionally inspired touch of beauty to your daily life. It serves as a reminder to Live, Laugh, and Love every day. The necklace is made of heavyweight solid sterling silver, including both the beads and the chain.

The silver properties of this necklace include manifestation, calming and balancing, and strengthening of positivity. It is believed that wearing a silver bead necklace can enhance your ability to feel the flow of moon energies, particularly under a new or full moon. Why not try wearing this necklace and taking a walk under the new or full moon to see how you feel?

  • Metals: Sterling Silver
  • Sterling Silver beads with stamped words Live, Laugh, Love and 2 Round Beads at each end, heavyweight.
  • Beads sizes for silver words: 11 mm x 8 mm. Round Silver beads: 8 mm x 8 mm
  • Sterling silver Snake chain 1.9 mm thick and heavy.
  • Matching Earrings.
  • Length: 20 inch

Silver, like the moon and water, is a reflective metal,  believed to be the embodiment of the moon’s energy. It is used to mirror the soul, bringing calmness and balance to the wearer. Silver is also used as a means of enhancing the energy of the moon during lunar ceremonies, allowing the wearer to tap into the power of the moon while protecting it from negativity.



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This Sterling Silver Beaded Charm Necklace is a beautiful reminder to Live, Laugh, and Love each day.

Silver can enhance perception and regulate emotional and intuitive energies.  

Silver is also believed to enhance the moon’s powers and is ideal for energizing other stones during the full and new moons. It helps to cleanse the body by eliminating toxins at the cellular level through the pores.

This precious metal is associated with emotions, love, and healing its healing properties are the strongest during the new and full moon. Silver has several metaphysical and mystical properties. It can help manifest wealth, riches, and good health. 

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Charm Necklace

Sterling Silver Beaded Charm Necklace, You can actually move the beads to read Laugh, Live, Love or any way you want it to read.


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