What People Think of Us!

Lovely Review from Lynda, June 2022, 

Jacqui was absolutely Brilliant, she designed a beautiful Emerald, Moonstone and Opal Bracelet for my Daughter’s 30th Birthday. Each Crystal was in the birthstone order of my Daughter and her three children, Frances loved it.

Thank you, Jacqui x

I was so happy with the Bracelet that I also ordered a pink Rose Quartz Bracelet and drop Earrings to wear with my new dress for the wedding of my Step-Son, they are absolutely beautiful, and no one else will have anything similar to my Jewellery designs. 

I would recommend a visit to see Jacqui if you are after something unique and handmade. Thank You so much, Jacqui.


7 Colour Chakra Pendant.

Review from Jackie. J, of Eastwood, Essex.

I asked Jacqui to make my bespoke Jewellery. She made me a chakra gemstone pendant made with some colourful pear drops gems layered onto a small chain. The colours in the pendant refer to the colours of the chakras created with different gemstones. It means a lot to me. I have been wearing it most days, helping me to become more balanced and less emotional. The crystal Chakra Pendant also has a lovely feeling about it.

I had an old silver locket that I wanted to redesign. Jacqui redesigned it into two pendants – the back half of the locket in the middle has set a Moonstone gemstone into silver. She has done brilliant work on this.

On the front pattern half, Jacqui put a sterling silver backing on this side and set an amethyst stone in silver with a design of twisted silver arranged around the outside of the pendant. I am amazed at the result.
All I can say is how gifted Jacqui is. Please be sure and buy your Bespoke pieces of Jewellery from Jacqui. You will not find a better Jewellery maker and designer anywhere else with a special gift of love and healing placed into it. I’m a very please client,
From Jackie J.

Review from Glynis by post

  Photos of the Jewellery that Glynis commissioned from me.

In the first photo on the left above – I arranged a bespoke order for Jacqui to make me a pendant, planned a meeting with her to choose the Gemstone for the new piece, I looked through her large box – I picked a large Agate oval-shaped gemstone which is a lovely stone. I left her to do the design and make me the pendant set in sterling silver. I didn’t know what to expect, but she phoned me five days later to say that it was ready.

She had created a stunning silver pendant featuring the large agate, so beautiful, also added another gemstone to it, making a two stone piece, which sparkles and is called an Agate Drusy. It was a surprise as I wasn’t expecting that. So, I asked her to make me a pair of drusy earrings to match the stunning pendant.


My pendant with the three gems in I already had but it needed a repair. Which Jacqui has done an excellent job on. “I would like to say a big Thank you for the beautiful Jewellery you made me, you clever Lovely Lady, I’m thrilled to bits. Thank you again, with lots of love Glynis.” xxx p.s.” I will be buying from Jacqui again.”

December, From Glynis Rochford.

Hand-carved Solid Sterling Silver Angel Wings.

Today my partner Paul has stunned me with the most incredible Angel wings Pendant. It has a teardrop clear faceted quartz gemstone attached to it as a central stone. The silver wings are all Hand-carved engraved, so pleased with my Christmas present. Paul also said, “they are the best Angel Wings pendant he has seen – Jacqui is a highly skilled artist of Jewellery. Glynis xxx

From Glynis, Rochford, Essex. March.

I said I would buy from Jacqui again as I had my quartz pendant redesigned and it is now a lovely pendant with two quartz gemstones. I also gave her my mother-of-pearl pendant to redesign it and she also has done an amazing job on this as well. Jacqui also made earrings to match both pendants. She is an amazing designer and maker of handmade Jewellery and you can feel the love and healing coming from the pieces she makes. 

From Glynis. January.

Once again Jacqui has Handmade some jewellery pieces for me, I wanted her to make me a pendant with small, medium and large quartz Hearts, plus 2 small Hearts for the Earrings. I picked and bought the quartz Hearts for her to frame them with Sterling Silver. The Large quartz Heart represents me! (mum) a Medium quartz Heart to symbolise my eldest son Louis and a Small quartz Heart to symbolise my youngest son Leon. This was a present to myself.

The work she has done on this pendant is amazing. It took her two weeks to make and I Love it. Jacqui designed each quartz heart with a silver filigree frame around each one. To complete the pendant, she added a filigree pendant bail. The Finished Pendant is so gorgeous but this time she has outdone her skills as a silversmith. It’s stunning and I’ve had lots of good comments. I am so pleased with my new pendant and matching earrings they are so special to me, I will wear this every day.
Jacqui is a very talented designer, maker of high-class Jewellery. It’s like she is my jeweller and I will not choose anybody else to make my Jewellery. I can also feel the love and healing she infused into the gemstones too. Stunning Jewellery and I’m always happy with Jacqui’s work.

Glynis xx

From Glynis. April.
Faceted Rose Quartz Pear Drop Silver Pendant.
Jacqui Made me a Rose quartz Pendant for my 50th Birthday, the gemstone Jacqui chose for me is so stunning and large. It is faceted in a pear shape and the design of the pendant with its silver frame is stunning. Jacqui has done it again and handmade me my best piece of Jewellery. I can feel the love and healing when I am wearing it. I love it too.
I am in the process of ordering an Apache Pyrite pendant with 2 stones and I know Jacqui will go beyond her skills to create something great. I love her work.
Glynis xx

Text Message from Jo from Leigh, Essex. May. 

“Hi, Jacqui, a voice from the past. I felt I needed to contact you.” I have not been very well and I’m booked for surgery on Thursday. I have felt I needed to wear your lovely bracelet that Jackie J, bought me that you made. Appreciate the reiki and love that it holds. Hope you’re keeping well. Love Jo” xxx

Citrine, Carnelian and Ruby Beaded Pendant.

From Sandra. May 2018

Dear Jacqui,

This pendant is lovely the chain shows it off to another level.
From the moment I picked it up, I felt warm and tingly around my bad chest area.
I will write to fate and fortune magazine recommending you.
Best of luck with your future business.

Sandra H.

May 2018.

Stunning Clear Quartz Pendant.

Hello Jacqui,

Thank you so very much for the stunning pendant which I am wearing continuously. When I put it on for the first time, I felt a real buzz of energy coming from it straight away and the mobility in my right hand and fingers have improved dramatically. I can now spread my fingers which I haven’t been able to do for two years, Bless you, Jacqui. Thank you for the excellent service too.
With very best wishes, from Mary.

Hi Jacqui,
Thank you so much for the lovely pendant for Sally. We are sure she will love it and find your message very comforting. We will write a review we are so satisfied with your service and others should be able to benefit from what you do too!

With blessings, Mary x

 Oval Cultured Pearls with Clear Quartz Bicone beads in between each Pearl.

May 2018

Review from Tracie who bought a bracelet for her mum in 2018

I received the gorgeous pearl and quartz bracelet with the Reiki energy infused in it. which I ordered for my mums Birthday.
I got the bracelet 7 days after I had placed the order.
The bracelet needed lengthening for it to fit my mum Jacqui was very amenable and she contacted me to check my requirements exactly, also confirming what my mum needed the Reiki for.
Instead of waiting to give it as a birthday gift next month, I gave it to my mum straightaway. It fits like a glove, she loves it and we are now excited to see what effect the Reiki has. Fabulous customer service from Jacqui and I will be buying from Jacqui again.

Tracie. x

Hello, Jacqui,

Fallen Leaves Amethyst Pendant.

I’m very pleased with the fallen leaves necklace, thank you so much for making it and I’m looking forward to receiving the blue goldstone Pendant that I have commissioned from you. Thanks, Jacqui. I felt the healing energy coming from the fallen leaves necklace when I am wearing it.

Thanks, Jacqui
Regards, Nancy

 Handmade Silver, Blue goldstone Pendant. 

June 2018, Nancy wrote:

I received the gorgeous Blue Goldstone Pendant that I commissioned from Jacqui, earlier this morning. I love the goldstone pendant and wear it almost every day. Thank you so much for making it for me. Yes, I will certainly buy from you again.

However, this is my review:
“Jacqui Alves jewellery is not only beautiful and decorative, but it also gives help with your healing and other elements. I would highly recommend it to anybody.”

Best wishes, Nancy.

June 2018 comments given to me by email.

  Front and back views of Gladys Handmade Pendant made with a stunning Sugilite Gemstone.

Jacqui my pendant has just arrived, and it is beautiful as I knew it would be.  Thank you once again and I will keep you informed of my progress. I will also spread the word about your beautiful jewellery.

Regards, Gladys

4th June 2018.

Two miracles have happened since I’ve been wearing the pendant.

Thursday I was able to get on a bus and go into town and do a bit of shopping – I haven’t been able to do that by myself for over a year  I was also pain-free on Thursday thru to Sunday – back pain came back but not so severe definite yes, the pendant is working – all I need is my appetite back and if that happens I will put your name forward for the Nobel prize!!!

I wish I had your talent, Jacqui, you are indeed helping mankind – you’ve certainly helped me and I’m so glad I found you, my pendant was worth every penny, I’ve already had lovely comments when I am wearing it when I go out so thank you once again.


Gladys sent me this lovely review today, July 2018.

I first came across Jewellery Dreams when I read an article in Fate and Fortune June issue written by Jacqui Alves the owner of Jewellery Dreams. In the article, Jacqui explained that all her jewellery is hand made by herself as she is a qualified silversmith. She is also a qualified Reiki healer and every piece of her jewellery is infused with reiki to assist with the healing process.

I was interested as I had just finished a 6-month course of chemotherapy and was still in pain and discomfort so I contacted Jacqui who gave me lots of advice regarding which stone would work best for me as I didn’t have a clue. She is a lovely lady, so easy to talk to and so knowledgeable about all the different stones and what they do. I choose my stone and setting and paid for it all in one go, I couldn’t believe how easy it all was. I sat back and waited for my pendant to arrive hoping and praying that it would work for me as I was still in so much pain. My pendant duly arrived and I was thrilled with it, I put it on and felt very confident that it would work for me and it did. It took me a few days to realise that I wasn’t in so much pain as usual especially when I was pottering about in the garden and I have even recently managed to go shopping by myself which is a first for over a year. My aches and pains are a lot less and I even feel emotionally a lot stronger. I attribute all this to my pendant – I’m so glad I found Jacqui Alves and her jewellery, it might not work for everyone but it certainly works for me.

 Jadeite Silver Pendant.

Hi Jacqui,

I am wearing the pendant, it’s lovely and Yes, everything is going well, pain is a lot better but there is still a little niggle of pain which I’m hoping the pendant will help me with and I am feeling very positive about everything. The pendant is beautiful and knowing that it has been infused with the healing energy of reiki makes me feel special when I wear it. I am staying positive and I do believe the pendant is helping a great deal. Thanks for your email. Great to hear from you.

Michelle x

Quartz Sparkle pendant. On the 4th June 2018

Hi Jacqui

So sorry I have been meeting myself coming back meant to email you yesterday.

Thank you necklace arrived safely. I like it. I wanted to give it a little longer before I emailed you about how Reiki is working as I wanted to be sure it’s not just me thinking it’s working. It is weird but I already beginning to feel the benefit of it.

Thank you.


Hi Jacqui

On the 12th of June 2018.

As you requested I am giving you feedback on my crystal necklace with Reiki Healing for my Arthritis.

I want to thank you so much I have worn the necklace daily since it arrived in the post. Even though for 2 weeks I have been walking my sister’s dog 2-3 times a day (which usually results in a lot of pain and very poor mobility and a very swollen knee), I am by some miracle walking about freely without hobbling and no pain! my knee is not swollen, and I feel so full of energy and positive.

I have got no idea how you managed to give me Reiki from a distance, but it most certainly works. Thank you.



Aventurine and Silver Handmade Pendant. Bracelet featuring: Aventurine, Green Quartz, Green Tigers Eye and Haematite.

Hi Jacqui, bracelet and pendant just arrived, they are beautiful, and I am wearing them now, they fit perfectly.  Thank you so much, you have a beautiful talent.

Will be in touch about having a ring made.

Thank you again.

Best regards

Margaret x

January 2020, From Rachael,

My jewellery grounds me! (Gold Haematite jewellery set & A Tourmalated Quartz wire wrapped Pendulum).

I had admired Jacqui Alves jewellery for quite some time before getting in contact with her but in all honesty, I wish I’d made contact much sooner.  Because of my job, I tend not to wear much jewellery but I was aware that I needed to have something that was going to be discreet but yet kept me grounded and protected.

I spoke to Jacqui at length and I was amazed at how well she ‘tuned’  into me.  Instantly, she came back with a beautiful design, suggested the appropriate crystal and said that it would be a necklace and earring set, that could be kept hidden beneath my work tunics. She intuitively knew that prefer my jewellery to be simple yet stylish and Jacqui produced something extremely elegant. I was delighted with the set.

Jacqui has a phenomenal knowledge of crystals but to know that they are further amplified with Angelic Reiki just added more impact and power. So I know that when I’m working with any client, my energy is looked after not only by the crystals but the angels as well.

I then commissioned Jacqui to make me a dowsing pendulum that would work to clear and balance energy centres. Again, she recommended the crystals and came up with the perfect design.

I’m truly glad that my path crossed with Jacqui and there is not a single day where I don’t wear or use something she has made just for me.

Rachael. xx