Reasons to Buy Handmade

There’s Nothing Like a Handmade Gift From a Loved One!

When you purchase a handmade product, you are paying for a one-of-a-kind item crafted by a skilled artisan using the finest materials. The cost reflects the materials and the time, effort, and dedication which is put into creating the piece with care and passion. As a result, you can expect to receive excellent quality for the price.

There are so many reasons to give or buy a handmade gift!

If you’re searching for a unique and special gift, consider giving a personalized handmade crystal jewellery gift that will be cherished by the recipient and is a one-of-a-kind gift.

They Are One of a Kind;

Handmade jewellery gifts are one-of-a-kind. Each piece is unique and has a special meaning since no two creations are ever the same because every crystal possesses its healing energy and purpose, and the colours are also distinct.

Jewellery making, regardless of the type, allows for the utmost uniqueness due to the variations of the high-quality materials we can use.

Gifts Are Personal;

If you have ever struggled to find the ideal Jewellery gift for someone, you know that a handmade gift can be intensely personal and meaningful to the recipient. At our store, you can choose from an assortment of personalized jewellery options, selecting the colours and crystals that best suit your loved one.

This way, you can create a fantastic unique special gift that will be cherished forever.

They Are Crafted With Love;

When you buy a gift, it will confirm to the recipient that you have considered their preferences and found something that suits their personality.

Personalized gifts are a way of expressing affection between two people, whether it’s platonic, family, or romantic. By purchasing a handmade gift for a remarkable person you know, you are sharing a message of love and appreciation, showing that you value them enough to invest your time and money in something unique and handcrafted with care.

While handmade items may be more expensive, there are compelling reasons why you should still consider buying them.

Handmade products are made with love, care, and attention.

Owners of handmade businesses invest a lot of effort and care into their products, paying close attention to even the little details to ensure customer satisfaction. When you purchase handmade jewellery, you can be confident that the creator has put their heart into it. Human-made products are crafted with more care than products made by machines, resulting in a product that reflects the love and attention put into it.

Consider the methods of purchasing jewellery from a cheaper retail store, where a product goes through various stages before reaching you. Parts are made in different factories, shipped to another factory, assembled and distributed to a large company branch, then to a smaller store, and finally placed on a shelf for sale. In contrast, handmade items are crafted by an artist in their field and purchased by an individual, making the connection priceless. There are fewer impersonal steps in the handmade production process. The result is a more unique and exquisite product.

So – What are you paying for when you buy handmade – and why is it more expensive?

All our jewellery is handmade as it takes more time to design and make each crystal jewellery item, compared to cheap ready machine-made items. However, this allows us to carefully evaluate every creative effort and ensure that each product is of the highest quality.

It’s important to note that very few craftspeople charge for all the hours they put into creating a single item, as it would make the prices unaffordable. Despite the longer production time, the result is a beautiful piece of jewellery that has undergone a thorough quality check.

The Craftsperson does Everything!  

Jewellery is handmade through a mixture of tasks performed by the designer and maker. These tasks include choosing materials for the client, designing the product with the selected materials, completing the product, taking photographs, marketing the creation, designing branding packaging, delivering or selling the product, and managing to account.

Many craftspeople do not charge for the time spent on these tasks, which are finished on time while caring for a home and working at their weekend job. Despite this, they still invest a large portion of time, energy, and passion into their small business, pouring their heart and soul into every piece they sell while also managing their household.

Materials are expensive.

Craftspeople often search for high-quality and visually appealing materials for their creations, but they typically can only purchase them in small quantities. This results in buying more expensive materials for their handmade business, compared to High Street chains that can buy cheaper, mass-produced plastic components in bulk.

The craftsperson is an expert in their field.

Craftspeople typically have many years of experience and training in their field, which may exceed the knowledge of the customer. They may have developed their unique style or technique through this process.

And finally…Our product is unique.

Each item is a unique design crafted with exceptional attention to detail, materials, design, and little extras. Many items are bespoke and handmade to fit your specific preferences, such as a necklace made to match your outfit or tailored to your desired length.

These items are not mass-produced and not buy them in High Street shops or elsewhere, only on the Jewellery Dreams website. They are one-of-a-kind creations handmade with care and designed specifically for you with exceptional quality.