Good Reasons to Buy Handmade

There are so many reasons to gift or buy handmade Jewellery!

When you purchase a handmade product, you are paying for a one-of-a-kind item crafted by a skilled craftsperson using the finest materials. The cost of each piece reflects the materials, time, effort, and dedication put into creating each piece with care and passion. As a result, you can expect to receive excellent quality for the price.

In addition to our Custom Bespoke designs, our shop also offers a ready-to-wear jewellery collection that includes a variety of styles and designs to suit your tastes, which you can purchase now.

Discover the Beauty and Benefits of Handmade Jewellery-


A mixture of my Silversmith Designs

Welcome to our Handmade Jewellery Collection, where artistic brilliance meets timeless elegance. We believe that buying handmade crystal jewellery is the best choice for those seeking something truly exceptional. Here are clear reasons why our crystal jewellery stands out as your finest choice:

1. Unmatched Artistry-

Handmade crystal jewellery showcases unmatched artistry that cannot be duplicated by shopping for mass-produced pieces. Jacqui Alves, our skilled jewellery artist, infuses each creation with passion, creativity, love and attention to detail, resulting in wearable masterpieces that radiate a unique charm.

2. Exclusivity and Uniqueness-

When you choose crystal jewellery, you embrace exclusivity. No two pieces are ever identical, making your jewellery piece as unique as you are. Our collection celebrates individuality, allowing you to own a one-of-a-kind crystal jewellery piece that truly reflects your personality and style.

3. Sustainable and Ethical-

We are proud of our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Our crystal jewellery is handcrafted using responsibly sourced materials, and we prioritize working with fair-trade suppliers. Choosing handmade pieces means contributing to a greener and more sustainable world.

4. Customization for Your Vision- 

Embrace the joy of customization! With handmade crystal jewellery, this is your great opportunity to unite with our jewellery artist, Jacqui Alves and bring your jewellery vision to life. From selecting your gemstones to deciding on precise details, we create bespoke designs tailored to your preferences.

5. Superior Quality and Durability-

Our handmade crystal jewellery undergoes a strict creation process, ensuring each piece is of the highest quality. We carefully select quality materials and use traditional techniques to provide more long-lasting, so your crystal jewellery remains a cherished heirloom for generations.

6. You Are Supporting Local Artisans and Communities-

Buying handmade crystal jewellery supports skilled artisans and local communities, empowering and preserving traditional crafts, and creating a positive impact on the lives of all involved.

7. Emotional Connection and Storytelling- 

Each piece of crystal jewellery carries the emotions and stories of its maker. Wearing handmade pieces allows you to be part of and connect with our journey, creating an intimate and meaningful connection to the handmade piece you wear.

8. Gift-Giving-

Handmade crystal jewellery produces memorable gifts. Whether celebrating a special occasion or expressing love and appreciation, gifting a unique jewellery piece adds a touch of fondness and compassion to your kind gestures.

If you do not know what to buy now, you can buy a gift card that can be used in our shop or go towards that specially commissioned jewellery piece.

9. Shop Handmade Jewellery with Confidence-

At Jewellery Dreams, we create an outstanding Handmade Jewellery Collection that showcases the brilliance of artisanal craftsmanship. Our pieces outshine trends and become timeless treasures that resonate with your heart and soul. Experience the magic of handmade crystal jewellery and discover a world of beauty and individuality. Encounter the healing combination of Crystal jewellery with Angelic Reiki.

Shop Now and buy Your handmade Pieces from our shop.

Testimonials are from delighted customers who have found joy in owning our handmade crystal jewellery. 

I can’t begin to express how happy I am with my recent bespoke purchases with Jacqui at Jewellery Dreams. I came to Jacqui with some extremely sentimental raw gemstones from a dear friend in Australia.

I had put my trust in her to create some gorgeous pieces using the stones, and I was blown away by how beautiful the finished products were and how much thought she had put into her designs. I asked specifically for one design using an amethyst point, and Jacqui made me exactly what I ordered. Not only did she provide me with added information about the stones, but she also charged them with Angelic Healing!

This is just one of our lovely reviews- click this link to read many more!

Jewellery Dreams,,, call or text- 07772 826772.

The craftsperson is an expert in their field.

Craftspeople typically have many years of experience and training in their field, which may exceed the knowledge of the customer. They may have developed their unique style or technique through this process.

And finally…Our product is unique.

Each item is a unique design crafted with exceptional attention to detail, materials, design, and little extras. Many items are bespoke and handmade to fit your specific preferences, such as a necklace made to match your outfit or tailored to your desired length. A Bracelet to fit your wrist size and a ring to fit any of your fingers.

These items are not mass-produced. You cannot buy them in High Street shops or elsewhere, but only on the Jewellery Dreams website. They are one-of-a-kind creations handmade with care and designed specifically for you with exceptional quality.